Yellow traffic light is as good as Red in China

Jumping a Yellow light is an offence in ChinaYellow light at the traffic signal is an indication to slow down. But in most cases, people push their pedals once they see yellow. Instead of decelerating, they accelerate and this leads to accidents at the crossroads. Installation of timers on traffic signals have helped to an extent in India, but it is still not a full proof solution.

But, China seems to have a solution. China’s Ministry of Public Security have decided to crack down on traffic offenders in a bid to curb road traffic fatalities, which estimates indicate are more than 250,000 in China per year. New rules have come into effect from January 1, 2013 which makes running a yellow light illegal. This will encourage safe and more civil sense of driving.

The rule has come into effect but is viewed with some trepidation due to the fact that it is impossible to observe as some drivers will not be able to brake in time for a full stop and this will actually cause more harm than good. According to the new rule, drivers who fail to observe traffic signals will get six demerit points as compared to the earlier three points. The driver’s license will be suspended after the erring driver scores 12 points.

These new regulations are the harshest and have seen an online outcry among motorists who cite reasons that many traffic lights do not have countdown timers which show drivers how long they have before the lights change from green to yellow. The new regulation states that drivers who have any part of their vehicles across stop line when light turns yellow will not be penalized, however those vehicles behind the stop line will not be allowed to cross.

Source: BloomBerg