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Young, and female car owners most likely to assign gender and name their car

1 in 5 of an estimated 50 million consumers name their vehicles. 1 in 4 vehicle nicknames begins with a ‘B’. vehicle srae mostly She-Cars. There are twice as many female cars (32%) on the road as male (16%), and 49% of owners identify their car as male or female. 88% of women view their vehicle as female. 55% men associate their vehicle as female, and 45% as male. 23% women are likely to give their vehicle a name as compared to 18% men. Young owners tend to name their car as compared to older folk.

32% car owners aged 18-34 are more than twice as likely to name their car than 15% of those 35+. 40% of 18-24 year old car owners are roughly 4 times more likely to name their car than those 13% of those over 55. 69% are most likely to associate a gender with their car. 63% owners over 65 don’t perceive their vehicles as being either male or female, compared with 31% of those aged 18-24. Top names include ‘Baby,’ ‘Betsy,’ ‘Bessie,’ ‘Black Beauty,’ and ‘Betty.’

“While these findings, on the surface, are just plain fun … they also offer an interesting, even counter-intuitive perspective on the relationships car owners, especially women and the young generation, develop with their vehicles,” said Doug Van Sach, DMEautomotive’s Vice President, Strategy and Analytics. “The accepted cliche is that men have a more passionate, personal relationship with their beloved cars, while women view them as utilitarian machines that get you from Point A to B. But this research provides a different insight: women are significantly more likely to christen their vehicles, and also associate a female gender with them, while more men perceive their vehicles as male. And while we’ve seen numerous headlines on the fact that millennials are the least car-passionate generation in history, they’re far more likely to personify and name their vehicles. This indicates an emotional and personal vehicle attachment in these demographics, one that auto marketers might want to explore and leverage.”

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