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Youngest Ferrari F430 driver on YouTube draws immence global reaction (video)

A video on YouTube has gone viral showing two children barely tall enough to reach the steering wheel take a Ferrari F430 for a spin. One child is seen driving the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, while another child plays passenger. The vehicle is seen emerging into the frame at the backdrop of a quiet and mostly unoccupied building society with spacious row houses. The rather young and conscientious boy is seen confidently taking the vehicle around the society’s roadway, and not on a street with vehicular traffic. Not that it justifies an underage driver, but it does seem the family is confident of their young ward’s ability behind the wheel, and he obviously seems to have had practice.

There are at least 2 adults and a child recording the video while other kids in the neighborhood follow seem to cheer the young driver each time he comes around. Parents more often than not, berate their children 18 years and above for speeding on public roads and here we find adults aware of the fact that the two children have taken a super car on a joyride. It just maybe that no one foresaw the risk of putting two kids in a fast car. No doubt it’s safe driving and a lot of what if’s to be answered, and yes, also the missing prerequisite, a drivers licence.

Of course, the episode did put the lives of children in the neighborhood at risk too, but what we see is a very sensible child with no intention to speed. While the incident has drawn flak from all quarters  the upside is to probably ensure the little boy get some serious go kart practice at the earliest and graduate to motorsports. that can always be an option for a skilled youngster. Once done with their drive, the kids even hand over the car keys without any hanky panky. It sure is a case of each to his wheels in this developing township. The video is likely to reach the 1,000,000 viewer mark this week.



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