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Zeus Helmet Review – Fading Impression

Trust me, at least 51% of the reasons our boys buy helmets is looks! Zeus managed to spin my attention toward itself from the popularly preferred brands, LS2 and MT, in the under INR 5,000 segment. But would it last?

I was hell bent on choosing a White variant with little blue detailing, but I just couldn’t keep my good eye off the devilish Neon Green model, and what I went home with is blatantly obvious now.

It bothered me so much that I have a white and a black motorcycle, and black and white riding gears, all complementing so hand in hand, but I swiped my card for a flashy green bucket; because I knew the attention I was going to get on Facebook ^_^

The paint quality of the Zeus helmet seemed miles ahead of LS2 at first glance, and the design is well composed. It certainly felt like an upgrade from my LS2 Phobia (FF350).

I pressed my hands against the helmet’s sides to feel the shell rigidity, and I was pleasantly surprised. Then I checked the paddings, they weren’t soft on the outside but gave an upmarket impression. I was happy to see that the chin section was given a soft cloth cover to resist wind from entering up the helmet (also known as a chin curtain), and that along with Double D ring strap, I was sold.

I noticed the small front shutter and the twin ports on the head for ventilation, but what I failed to notice before buying is that the visor opens only in three steps in total, and the first step leaves a gap of four fingers – not a good thing especially since the Zeus helmet doesn’t come with any anti-fog arrangement. On my LS2 I could open the visor to a very minimal extent, to the limit of a few millimetres, so that it doesn’t fog while riding in cold weather, but the Zeus is a disaster after dusk. Thank God I was aware of the toothpaste trick to keep me safe while riding at night, in cold or rain.

Another thing that upset me was the visor lock. It looks like it can be opened easily, but I later realised I had to carry a pair of pliers to turn the knob and detach the visor every time when it needs thorough cleaning.

The vents, are indeed vents, but for what purpose I couldn’t figure out even after using them for over 12,000 km. I could never feel any difference in the flow of air inside the helmet between having the vents closed and open. Yet it has been very breezy inside regardless of the shutter position, and unfortunately still, my forehead kept sweating a lot.

One good thing about the Zeus helmet is that the paddings are very durable. They feel superior considering the price range of the helmet, and the snug fit stays for good (until you wear a balaclava and stop using the same later).

Another good thing about this helmet is that it has provision for helmet speakers. I have been using a pair since day one and I’m very happy about it. Just that if the provision was a little lower I would’ve received better bass and higher volume. The speaker pouches are slightly offset upwards, hence my ear lobes start aching after hundred plus kilometres on one stretch.

The Double D rings is a proven system for safety, but the clamps have begun to show signs of rust so soon, in just about 3 months.

In the same 3 months, the Neon Green colour has faded very badly! The posterior region of the shell is almost white now! That was totally unexpected in such a short while. I contacted the store and requested them for a replacement under warranty, but I was denied.

The safety rating of the Zeus Helmet is ECE R22.05, and the weight is 1,480 +/- 50 grams for the L size (59 cm). The helmet is not DOT approved, and the weight did feel like a big concern when I did really long tours. It felt like my head was tethered to a drogue parachute.

We recommend the Zeus Helmet for first-time helmet buyers and for those who ride in the city a lot and do less tours. After around three months and 12,000 km of usage, the foam padding is still impressive, the attachments are still in place and the visor has sustained no worry-worthy scratch. The only major concern is the colour that has faded dramatically.

If you’re going on a tour with this helmet, please perform your own anti-fog measure for the visor (if needed), and use a full face balaclava or a nose cover while riding in very cold weather.

PS: This helmet is not from the shelf of Zeus Motorcycle Helmets based in the UK, this is made by a Chinese company.

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