Zomato ties up with Uber to get you closer to your favourite restaurant

Restaurant goers can now book a cab on the Zomato app even while they select the restaurant where they want to dine. Online restaurant guide Zomato and Uber have entered into a global alliance.

Zomato ties up with Uber
Before and after screen shot of the Zomato App. Photo – NextBigWhat

This Zomato & Uber alliance allows users to book a cab directly on Zomato app which is located right next to address of the restaurant they wish to dine at. This is a global feature being offered in 27 cities across 13 countries in India, Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, and US.

Zomato food app which offers information on all the restaurants, bars and wayside eateries besides detailed menus and locations also makes getting to the restaurant and back home after a hearty meal easier. The new mobile app not only makes bookings at the hotel but also books a cab allowing users to note the time of pick up, travel time and fare to the restaurant of their choice.

The service will go live in Mumbai and Bangalore with more cities to follow while Zomato hopes to rope in over 10,000 restaurants in India over the next few months. Zomato will be offering restaurants iPads to take orders while users will also be able to rate the restaurant based on delivery experience.