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Zoomcar to offer electric 3 wheelers on their platform – Partners with Eto Motors

Zoomcar and Eto Motors have signed an agreement to make available a range of platform services for Eco’s electric, and three-wheeler biz

Henceforth, Zoomcar’s platform will be used to access Eto Motors’ operated electric three-wheelers for shared, first and last mile passenger commute needs. One will also be able to book transport vehicle for goods movement within cities.

Zoomcar has for the longest time been making available private cars on its platform to for private rentals. Those who offer their car as part of the Zoomcar fleet are compensated by the company, and have to follow guidelines so the cars are worthy of being rented. For Zoomcar rentals, the company also has manufacturer tie-ups that enables it to list a wide ranging and sufficient fleet to be able to meet customer demand.

Zoomcar and Eto

With this new association, Eto Motors will be able to introduce a fleet of smart electric vehicle mobility solutions. Eto already has its brand smart vehicles for first mile and last mile connectivity service in Noida Metro. The company is focused on expanding its footprint, and widen its reach based on opportunities in the first mile, last mile, and intracity passenger, and goods movement segments.

Zoomcar partners with Eto Motors

And the complete development focuses on EV adaption. For Zoomcar the opportunity comes in the form of EV adaption, and new segments. As the brand is identified primarily as a car rental company, with Eto Motors’ vehicles on offer, its operations expand to shared mobility, CVs, and transport.

How quickly India is able to make noticeable EV adaption a norm depends on a range of bottlenecks that need to be addressed. As such, for now, public transport vehicles seem one way to do it.

Transformation of mobility industry

Greg Moran, CEO & Co-Founder, Zoomcar, in a statement said, “The mobility industry is going through a transformational phase globally due to the pandemic. At Zoomcar, we strive to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that can help shape this transformative shift. Through this partnership with ETO Motors, we aim to leverage our AI-based platform to enable large fleet operators to better manage their assets through greater vehicle safety and lower total operating costs. We are delighted to partner with ETO Motors on the next phase of their growth journey in India’s rapidly expanding EV market.”

Biju Mathew, CEO, ETO Motors, said, “The next phase of collaboration between our respective companies with respect to the development of the co-branded digital platform will undoubtedly mark a significant step forward for the industry.”

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