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Zypp Electric Scooter Launch Price Rs 59k – Range Up To 120 Kms

Zypp Electric Scooter
Zypp Electric Scooter

Online retailers will have to shift to electric to reduce their carbon footprint

While online to home delivery ecosystem has made things easier for consumers, it has had an adverse impact in the form of increased vehicular emission. As a solution, many online players have started using electric vehicles for last-mile delivery. Helping them out are startups like Zypp that have dedicated solutions, services and electric vehicles, especially designed to meet last-mile delivery challenges.

Zypp Cargo electric scooter details

With a payload capacity of 250kg, Zypp Cargo is no less than a beast of burden. The scooter has been designed in a way that it can accommodate as much cargo as possible. There’s space to carry stuff at the front, sides and rear. This could be an environment friendly replacement to the usual mini-trucks that are commonly used for door deliveries.

According to the company, Zypp Cargo can be used for a wide variety of jobs. It can be used for grocery delivery, food delivery, and e-commerce bulk shipments. It has ample power to support transportation of goods like gas cylinders, pet bottles, crates, etc. With such versatile capabilities, Zypp Cargo electric scooter is suitable for both B2C and B2B delivery operations.

Zypp says that its Cargo electric scooter has been developed based on extensive research, spanning a period of more than three years. It essentially implies that the scooter has been designed in accordance with the needs of last-mile delivery segment. Going forward, the company will continue to introduce changes based on feedback from riders and operators.

Zypp Electric Scooter
Zypp Electric Scooter

Zypp Cargo electric scooter range

Zypp Cargo will be initially available in Delhi-NCR region. Based on its performance and usefulness, it can be introduced in other cities in the future. When equipped with a 40 Ah battery, Zypp Cargo electric scooter can travel around 120 km on a full charge. The scooter supports dual battery system, in which case, range can be extended.

Zypp Cargo has a swappable battery system, which will be beneficial for last-mile delivery operators. Swappable battery system works out better than recharging, as the former can be done in less than a minute. Vehicles that require charging may not be suitable for fast-paced last-mile delivery operations.

Talking about features, Zypp Cargo electric scooter has metal bodywork and digital colour display. It will be equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IOT (Internet of Things), which will allow operators to track vehicles, batteries and drivers.

Zypp Cargo electric scooter price

Single battery variant of Zypp Cargo is available at a starting price of Rs 59,000. The dual-battery pack variant will retail at Rs 74,000. To reduce acquisition burden, Zypp has plans to launch an EMI ownership plan. The company is also working to increase its battery swapping stations, so that turnaround time can be reduced.

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