Feline One motorcycle design revealed, will be priced at Rs 1.75 crores

The first product to be launched under this brand, Feline One is now revealed in computer generated graphics.

Feline One Motorcycle

The Swiss motorcycle company Feline Motorcycles claims that Feline One, of which only 50 units will be produced, will be the most expensive bike in the world when launched in 2016. Designed by Yacouba, who is noted for his performance at the Le Mans and has designed many concept bikes, Feline One has no apparent means of fastening. Minus any nuts and bolts, the bike also sports a girder style with leading links and anti dive forks.

Feline One is fashioned out of carbon titanium, aerospace aluminum and leather. It receives an 801cc 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 126 kW power and mated to a 6 speed gearbox. Brakes include 4 x 230mm discs, with 4-pistons calipers (front) and 220mm disc (rear) while the bike sits on a wheelbase measuring 1400mm and dry weight stands at 155 kgs. This engine is a highly reputed brand, the source of which is kept a closely guarded secret. What is not a secret, is its price tag. Feline one is expected to cost $280,000 or €250,000 or Rs 1.75 crores.

Feline One Motorcycle

Speaking about Feline as a company, Yacouba says there are two kinds of motorcycles in the world today, one’s which are artistic, the others which are powerful. With Feline brand, Yacouba plans to bring these two together. Yacouba Galle has promised state of the art innovations on board Feline One.

From the images revealed, Feline One surely looks impressive and futuristic. But as of now it is nothing but a computer generated image. Building a motorcycle from design is altogether a different level of challenge. We hope Yacouba manages to deliver the motorcycle in real.