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RushLane is India’s leading auto news website which was started in 2008 by Mayur Sabharwal, Nabanita Singha Roy and Sagar Patel. Updated daily with news on cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, domestic sales and exports report, scoops, exclusive spy shots, as well as detailed reviews by experts. Most of our readers are enthusiasts, executives, and investors.

You can connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email : admin@rushlane.com or Whatsapp : +91-9925463475. If you want to receive News on Whatsapp, please join Whatsapp Group – https://chat.whatsapp.com/LACkLTIa52RE9ipUsrTLPd. Telegram Channel is https://t.me/rush_lane

Rushlane also operates 5 Facebook Groups – Crashlane, Snaglane, Spylane, Infolane and Memelane. Rushlane Crashlane aims to report accidents/crashes/fires/****-ups/dangerous driving, and incidents on these lines. Rushlane Spylane hopes to track all vehicles on test. Rushlane Snaglane group is to discuss vehicle and service related problems that you may be facing or are aware of. Rushlane Infolane aims to answer member queries related to cars and bikes while Rushlane Memelane is to share automotive memes.

We do NOT offer any buying or selling services via Rushlane website or Rushlane social media channels.

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Authors on Rushlane

Sagar Patel
Sagar Patel, Owner & Editor – A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry.
He can be contacted at sagar@rushlane.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Nabanita Singha Roy, Co-owner, Blogger, Social Media Head – Love for a red car has with experience transformed to a detailed outlook for around the clock news from Nabanita Singha Roy. Starting out as auto blogger in 2009, her inextricable editorial approach guarantees diverse storylines for a widely enthusiastic automotive readership.
She can be contacted at nabanita@rushlane.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Read her posts.

Nithyanandh Karuppaswamy, Consulting Editor – Winner of national level automotive quiz competitions, Nithyanandh aka Nithz jumped into the blogosphere right after gaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Love for automobiles and an even greater drive to share his knowledge with the automotive community, Nithz is currently pursuing his Masters at Politecnico di Milano.
He can be contacted at nithyanandh@rushlane.com, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Abhinand Venugopal, Sub-Editor – One day, when all the roads become packed with lifeless, silent, autonomous vehicles that impress the tech-aficionados, you will see Abhinand going in a used, old-school and imperfect sportscar, having the time of his life. He is a B-Tech (Automobile) graduate with almost two years of experience in the field of automotive blogging and photography.
He can be contacted at abhinand@rushlane.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Ashwin Ram, Senior Correspondent – Life after college in 2014 has seen Ashwin Ram propel himself wholeheartedly into the auto industry. Information is never enough for this young blogger who enthusiastically ticks his elaborate checklist at each drive. The need to add that one extra detail ensures select articles that are upbeat, and comprehensive.
He can be contacted at ashwin@rushlane.com, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Pearl Daniels, Staff Writer – Former freelance writer, Pearl Daniels is writing about the auto industry since 2011, having established herself as a widely read staff writer since 2013. Her keen eye for industry news, daily need to break down latest events, and quest to not miss a single launch detail, gives you the most refreshing morning news on weekdays.
She can be contacted at pearl@rushlane.com, Facebook. Read her posts.

Arun Prakash, Staff Writer – I am a B.Tech Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I have been passionate about cars and bikes since my formative years. My technical knowledge, interest for automobile and the desire to visit places led me to choose the path of an Automotive Journalist.
He can be contacted at arun@rushlane.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Read his posts.

Satyaprakash Singh, Contributor – An auto enthusiast, writer, blogger, thinker, wannabe inventor, dreamer, and a seeker of truth. Has more than fifteen years of progressive experience in content development while working in corporate jobs and as a freelancer. Currently focused on deciphering the why’s and how’s of the auto industry and unraveling key insights that can be shared with readers.
He can be contacted at satya@rushlane.com, Facebook, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Arjun Dharve, Contributor – Sun hater, rally car lover, life liver, review writer, full time film production professional. Sucker for automotive racing technology. WRC, F1, MotoGp – in that order of course! Nonchalant dreamer of a WRC drivers seat. Occasionally loves touring on a humble CBR250R, confined to weekend pedalling otherwise.
He can be contacted at arjun@rushlane.com, LinkedIn. Read his posts.

Deepak Dongre, Contributor – Addicted to motorcycles and everything that revolves around them, Deepak has kept the odometer rolling since he got his first motorcycle- a humble Pulsar 150 DTSi. Graduating to a Karizma and then a CBR250R- he has been traversing across the country at every available opportunity. Be it an Activa or an Aprilia- he is always eager to swing a leg across and get rolling. He loves being updated of the latest motorcycling action and can talk from dusk to dawn when it comes to motorcycles. With over 4,00,000 kms of riding experience, he comes to RushLane as a test rider and a column writer and hopes to share everything that he has gained from more than a decade of motorcycling.
He can be contacted at deepak@rushlane.com, Facebook. Read his posts.