Harley Davidson Project LiveWire: Test ride their electric motorcycle (31 Photos and video)

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One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Harley Davidson today created history when they unveiled their first ever electric motorcycle. Shown as a concept, this is a project which is expected to materialize in 2016, which is when the first production ready Harley Davidson electric motorcycle is expected to be unveiled.

harley davidson electric motorcycle sideSome readers should still find it difficult to gobble the fact about Harley Davidson going electric. But it has happened and seeing from the images, the result is unbelievably good. Not only have the designers successfully managed to give the motorcycle a Harley look, but they have also managed to add a hint of what the future of Harley Daidson motorcycles of the future hold.

As far as battery of LiveWire is concerned, it delivers 74 bhp power and peak torque of 70.5 Nm. What this does is gives this Harley electric bike a 0-100 kmph acceleration time of under 4 seconds! On a full single charge, Harley Davidson LiveWire does 53 miles or about 85 kms. The battery takes about 3.5 hours for a full charge via 220V supply. Harley did not say much about the rating of their battery, but considering the output and the size of battery, it is expected to be of 10 kWh rating and weighs about 113 kgs (about 250 pounds).

Harley Davidson electric motorcycleWhat about the sound? After all that is one of the most important aspect of an Harley Davidson. Unfortunately, the engineers coudn’t give the traditional ‘dhup dhup dhup dhup dhup…’ sound to the LiveWire. But what they have managed to do, is equally good to make the LiveWire stand out from the rest. The sound of LiveWire is like a jet engine in a plane which is about to take-off. They had teased the sound in a video earlier, which showed the LiveWire making a top speed run on Route 66.

Harley Davidson maintains that this is just a project which is developed to gauge customer interest. They will take the Project LiveWire motorcycle to all major cities, where they will give their customers and fans a chance to ride the motorcycle. Harley Davidson says everyone is invited for a test ride as this will help them gather input from the very people for whom they are building this motorcycle.

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