Renault Duster with low profile tyres, LED Lights, and custom exterior finish

Renault Duster Custom 1 SideRenault Duster, modified by the said dealer, has been given a two toned body wrap in Ocean Blue and Matte Black. Just this wrapping will cost buyers a sum of INR 1 lakh, while option of Plastidip is a more preferred body coating, which not only comes at a fraction of this cost and is more durable, but is also easier to put on and take off.

Renault Duster Custom 8 AlloysThe dealers has also planted 20” alloy wheels and low profile tyres on board the Duster showpiece which are available in after-markets. The Duster makeover includes custom headlights from Taiwan which come at a price of INR 40,000 per set and taillights which include LEDs and are priced at INR 35,000. Fog lights up front cost INR 20,000 while Daytime Running Lights have a price tag of INR 7,000.

Renault Duster Custom 10 RoofBesides these add ons, the dealer has also affixed a HandiRack at a cost of INR 7,000 able to hold up luggage of 80 kgs weight while it can be folded and stored in the boot when not used. Window tints also form a part of the Renault Duster makeover giving the SUV an exclusive though somewhat expensive appearance.

Renault Duster Custom 3 FrontIn the meantime, Renault is celebrating the second anniversary of their very popular Duster SUV with the launch of a limited edition. This second anniversary Duster is priced at INR 8.8 lakhs and went on sale on July 20, 2014. The special edition Duster receives Amazon Green exterior paint with front armour lamps, smoked headlamps and special body cladding while interiors are in neon colors. All buyers of this special edition receive ‘Gang of Dusters’ Membership and can avail of an extended warranty of 2 years over the standard 4 year warranty.

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