10 tools and spares you should have in your car – All the time

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It does not matter whether the road trip is short or long, within the city or into the unknown, there are a number of items that should be carried in the car at all times. Some of these are for safety and emergencies; others are to tackle unexpected breakdowns while some are for the sheer convenience of occupants.

Emergencies arise at the most unexpected of times. It could be a sudden storm, an engine failure, an accident or one can find oneself locked out of the car. It is at times like these that good quality and dependable tools and spares come to the rescue.

We give below a list of tools and spares one should have in the car or in the boot of the car.

1. Spare Wheel

Maruti Ciaz review-012 spare wheel

A flat tyre is the most common emergency one faces while on the road. A spare tyre in the boot of the vehicle is a necessity. It should be ensured that the spare wheel is properly inflated, tyre pressure is at optimum levels and the wheel is ready to use at all times. Nowadays most vehicles are fitted with run flat tyres and hence have no spare tyre or repair kit. Run flat tyres have reinforced side walls thereby allowing them to run with little or no tyre pressure. Driving with a run flat tyre even in the event of a puncture allows the driver to drive upto 50 miles till the nearest service station. However moderate speeds should be maintained.

2. Tyre Repair Kit

Called an inflator or mobility kit, this takes up less space in the car. It consists of an air compressor with a hose and an integrated bottle of sealant. The advantage of an inflator kit is that there is no need to jack up the car to remove or replace the tyre. The lugs nuts have to be removed, flat tyre taken off and the puncture can be repaired. However, the kit can only be used if the puncture is on the tread and is not larger than 4mm. The kit also proves useless if the tyre has been separated from the wheel.

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