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Top 10 150cc To 200cc Motorcycles Nov 22 – Unicorn, Apache, Pulsar, R15, MT15

150cc-200cc motorcycles segment didn’t show impressive numbers as highest volume-pusher Pulsar dropped quite a lot in sales

TVS Apache
Image – The Bikers Diary

As opposed to 1,79,043 units sold in October 2022, 150cc – 200cc motorcycles sales are nothing to write home about. Sure, there was growth YoY as opposed to November 2021 figures of 95,336 units. Hence, this segment saw an 18.93% YoY growth and 36.67% MoM decline by selling 1,13,380 units.

Volume gained YoY is 18,044 units, while volume lost MoM is 65,663 units. The main reason for this steep decline is a drop in Pulsar sales. Usually, Pulsar used to dominate this space and just a month before, Pulsar sales stood at 49,389 units and topped the sales charts. In November 2022, that spot was occupied by Honda Unicorn with just 28,729 units.

Top 10 150cc To 200cc Motorcycles Nov 22

Honda Unicorn has galloped ahead as Pulsar sales dropped drastically and registered 84.69% YoY growth. In fact, Unicorn sales dropped by 10.18% MoM. Market share of Unicorn is 25.34%. Benefitting from drop in Pulsar sales, the horse in TVS’ Apache has galloped ahead of Pulsar by just 30 units.

At just 27,122 units, Apache fell into the red completely registering 5.19% YoY decline and 33.83% MoM decline. Bajaj Pulsar takes 3rd place as it shrank in sales like a bag of salt in a gunny sack dipped in water. With just 27,092 units, Pulsar sales grew YoY by 35.75% and gained 7,134 units, but dropped by 45.15% MoM and lost 22,297 units along the way.

Motorcycle sales 150cc to 200cc - Nov 2022 vs Nov 2021 (YoY)
Motorcycle sales 150cc to 200cc – Nov 2022 vs Nov 2021 (YoY)

Yamaha FZ sales stood at 7,998 units and are just 4.7% more than figures registered in 2021. FZ saw a decline of 60.92% MoM and lost 12,452 units. Platform partners R15 and MT15 sold 7,427 and 6,335 units respectively. While MT15 more than doubled its sales YoY by 132.31%, both R15 and MT15 failed to show positive growth MoM.

KTM 200 range of motorcycles saw 2,293 units in November 2022. With 1,894 units to beat from last year, KTM saw 21.07% YoY growth and slipped down by 42.70% where MoM analysis is concerned. Hornet and X-Blade sales fall close to each other. Hornet 2.0 and X-Blade sold 1,655, up from 1 unit sold last year and 1,233, up from 0 unit sold last year respectively.

Hornet 2.0 is the only vehicle out of the 15 on this list to register positive growth MoM at the rate of 25.38% by gaining 335 units in volume. Hero’s first entrant in this list signifies how well rivals have gone, leaving this juggernaut behind in the 150cc-200cc motorcycle segment. With just 1,196 units sold, Hero Xtreme range saw a 63.21% YoY decline and a 76.86% MoM decline.

Motorcycle sales 150cc to 200cc - Nov 2022 vs Oct 2022 (MoM)
Motorcycle sales 150cc to 200cc – Nov 2022 vs Oct 2022 (MoM)

Avenger, Xpulse Sales Nov 2022

Bajaj Avenger is the only true blue cruiser in this list (apart from Intruder which sold 0 units) and sold just under 1000 units. Sales halved YoY at 52.02% and almost halved MoM at 40.21%. Gixxer 150 range includes naked Gixxer and Gixxer SF. Both of them combined only managed to sell 649 units and fell in the red completely.

XPulse 200 sold 582 units and lost 72.73% sales YoY and 80.42% MoM. Volume loss stood at 1,721 units YoY and 2,390 units MoM. Even though Xpulse 200 saw a decline, it still managed to sell over 5 times more than Honda’s pseudo-ADV CB200X. With just 93 units sold, CB200X fell into the red completely.

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