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JK Motorsports Racing Championship 2014 3rd Round

Vishnu Prasad has been acquainted to 3 different cockpits this season, and is hopeful of a top domestic race finish this year with 3 trophies. This includes JK Racing India Series, Formula LGB4 and Senior Max Category in JK Tyre –FMSCI National Rotax Max Karting Championship being in the title run for all 3.

Buddh International Circuit witnesses the exciting round 3 of 17th JK Tyre Racing Championship on 8th and 9th of November

Vishnu is keen on making a mark. With money being a big factor which prevents him from going abroad, winning is key to impress upon sponsors and further his racing career. The FB02 race saw Rabindra fall behind midway. A fast paced Vishnu caught up with racers ahead and clocked race time of 22 minutes 00.295 seconds to win ahead of Mumbai’s Rahil Noorani, who clocked 22:14.946. Rabindra fisnished third with a time of 22:18.461.

3rd race of FB02 category saw Vishnu race ahead of Rabindra to win by a difference of 7.454 seconds. Ananth Shanmugam finished in 3rd place. In Formula LGB, TS Diljith of Dark Don Racing secured top spot, his 2nd win in 3 races that puts him in a good place for championship title in the Final round of JK Tyre Racing championship in mid December. Diljith’s race time was 20 minutes 02.245 seconds, followed by
Vishnu 0.329 seconds behind, and Raghul Rangaswamy in 3rd place with a timing of 20:02.912.

JK Super Bikes Cup saw riders perform stunts and tricks besides racing the track. Delhi’s Kulwant Singh Monty clocked a time of 16:55.58, and Gurvinder Singh and Bhupinder Singh followed him in 2nd and 3rd showcasing their skills in 1000CC engine bikes.

Results Round 3:

JK Racing India Series FB02 (Race 2): 1. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai) 22:00.295, 2. Rahil Noorani (Mumbai) 22:14.946, 3. Akhil Rabindra (Bangalore) 22:18.461; 4. Sandeep Kumar (Chennai) 22:19.893; 5. Ananth Shanmugam (Bangalore) 22:20.469.

JK Racing India Series FB02 (Race 3): 1. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai) 21:51.177, 2. Akhil Rabindra (Bangalore) 21:58.631; 3. Ananth Shanmugam (Bangalore) 21:59.815; 4. Nayan Chatterjee (Mumbai) 22.09.303; 5. Sandeep Kumar (Chennai) 22:10.497

Formula LGB 4 (Race 3): 1. Diljith TS (Dark Don) 20:02.245, 2. Vishnu Prasad (Meco Racing) 20:02.574, 3. Raghul Rangaswamy (Meco Racing) 20:02.912, 4. Ameya Bafna (Rayo Racing) 20:05.763, 5. Chittesh S Mandody (Meco Racing) 20:06.172.

VW Polo R Cup (Race-2): 1. Dylan Pereira (Poland) 22:11.363, 2. Karminder Pal Singh (New Delhi) 22:14.271, 3. Karthik Tharani (Chennai) 22:16.562, 4. Gosia Rdest (Poland) 22:17.416, 5. Bonnie Thomas 22:19.586 (Thodupuzha)

JK Super Bikes Cup: Kulwant Singh Monty- 16:55.583, Gurvinder Singh- 17:01.653, Bhupinder Singh- 17:03.102, Manmeet Singh- 17:55.816, Aashir Agarwal:- 18:16.258.

Update – Below is an interaction with Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Head Motorsports, JK Tyre

Q1: Could you tell us how this year’s championship is different from last year?

Ans. The races have got more intense. The competition has got tougher. And, the fans have increased. To give our competitors in the FB02 series a tough competition and a taste of international level racing we got our brand ambassadors Armaan Ebrahim and Aditya Patel to participate in the race and start from the back of the grid in this round. We introduced superbike racing from this round, so we keep adding something new.

Q2. Your company’s aim is to take motorsport to the masses. How successful you have been and what more would you like to do in this regard?

Ans: Yes, we always did intend for the sport to reach the masses, because motorsports does indeed have it all. The adrenaline rush. The glamour. The competition. The technology.

Our FB02 series is the most economical series of its kind in the world and we are trying to get more and more people involved in the sport not only in terms of participation but also watching and enjoying the sport.

We are trying to reach out to people through various mediums including digital, and I am happy to say that we have got a great response

Image Gallery from Race Day (credit Nikhil Kumbhar)

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