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New Mercedes Benz E Class review

Introduction: The name E Class was first coined back in the 90s. So how was it derived? In the 1950s, Mercedes Benz became one of the first car makers in the world to launch a production vehicle which featured fuel injected engine. The cars which featured fuel injected engine, were suffixed with the letter E, as fuel injected engine in German stands for Einspritzmotor. For eg, 230E.

Later, with technology advancing, and also becoming affordable, Mercedes Benz started featuring fuel injected engines on all their cars, and this is when they decided that they no longer needed to suffix their cars with the letter E. In 1993, the name E Class first appeared on a Mercedes Benz car, for the US spec W124 facelift variant.

The E Class of today, is based on the same W212 variant, which was first unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. In 2013, this variant received a major facelift.

Exteriors: The major change between the 2010 E Class and 2014 E Class, is its exteriors. The E Class of yester-years, didn’t look young, stylish and attractive. It was more of a classy car which probably attracted accomplished individuals who were in their 40s. But the 2014 E Class facelift, changes that. It looks even younger than the existing C Class on offer in India.

2014 E Class features an all new front look, right from bumper to headlamps, everything is revised in order to give the car an aggressive and dynamic look. From the front, the first thing we notice is the two slat grille with a big Mercedes logo in the centre, merged effortlessly.
Headlights of 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class are now in a single cluster, unlike older variant. They come with Intelligent Lighting System. Both headlamps and tail-lamps now feature LEDs, which by the way are easily the best looking one’s in the segment. From the side, not much changes have been made. But in spite of that, the clever placement of bodyline, flowing from the front to rear, matches with E Class’ sporty front look.

Interiors and Storage: The cabin of E Class facelift is premium and spacious. The NVH levels are so good that you hardly hear engine noise, leave alone that of the traffic or any other disturbances from the outside world.

The steering wheel is redesigned, and is also smaller in diameter as compared to the older variant. For instrument cluster, you have three tunnels with analogue display. The first tunnel displays fuel level and engine temp, while the second shows you speed of the vehicle and the third shows rpm of the engine. The second tunnel also has a TFT display in the centre, offering information like outside temperature, driving mode, distance to empty, real time mileage, and much more.

For entertainment, 2014 E Class features surround sound music system with connectivity via Bluetooth, AUX, SD card, and USB. There is also a built-in hard drive with 10 GB space. From the centre display, you can manage driving modes, settings for music system, check tyre pressure, navigation system and much more. Air conditioning is quick and responsive. Front has four air vents, B pillar has one each, and rear has two in the centre. Even on the hottest days, the car will keep you cool

Space is not at all a problem, even if you have a 5th passenger. But, the rear-wheel drive’s transmission tunnel makes seating uncomfortable for the 5th passenger. Talking about boot space, 2014 E Class offers a 540 liters space, enough to gobble up all your weekend luggage, and something extra too. Like it gobbled the Trek 3700 in the image below.

Engine and Driving: The E250 CDI for India is powered by in-line four 2143 cc diesel engine which generates 204 PS power and 500 Nm torque. Though the power seems to be little less considering that it weighs 1,800 kgs, the torque makes up for it. Peak torque is achieved at just 1600 rpm. This makes E Class very responsive, be it stop & go or twisties on ghats. Suspension settings are the same as were in the older E Class, but this one rides much smoothly over bad roads.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels via 7GTRONIC Plus automatic gear box. You will hardly notice the downshifts and upshifts as they are very smooth, and rather quick. To add fun to your drive, there are steering mounted paddle shifts, which were missing in the older E Class. 2014 E Class E250 has a top speed of 242 kmph and a 0-100 kmph acceleration time of an 7.5 seconds. With all this power and speed, the other impressive factor is its mileage.

Compared to the older E Class, the new E Class feels more planted on the road. The car we had for review had Continental 245/45 R17 on all fours. These also come as standard. During our drive of over 400 kms through highway and city traffic, Mercedes E Class gave us an average mileage of 14 kmpl. With an 80 liter fuel tank capacity, you can easily cover distance of over 1,000 kms on a full tank in the 2014 E Class.

Dimensions of the Class

Tech Specs of Mercedes Benz E Class on offer in India

Why would you buy Mercedes E Class E250

– Price
– Mileage
– Attractive looks
– Interiors

Why would you not buy E Class E250

– Performance
– 5th passenger

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