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2017 Duke 390 headlight issue – KTM Europe orders recall, while India silently updates

KTM Europe has announced in a press statement that the LED headlight unit on board the 2017 Duke 390 and Duke 125 are faulty. The issue has long been reported by many readers of Rushlane.

While riding, the headlights used to switch off on its own. This potentially created dangerous circumstances. If the rider was riding at night, especially on roads where there is no source of light other than the bike’s headlight.

If the roads are narrow, pothole ridden, (like the one’s we have in most our cities), or you are at high speed on a corner etc, these circumstances could result in potentially dangerous accidents if the headlights decided to go off. (The same issue has been highlighted in our initial ownership experience report.)

Speaking about the issue, KTM Europe has stated that, “During the internal endurance testing, KTM experienced some cases of sporadic reboots of the LED headlight. As this may lead to potentially dangerous riding situations, the software of the headlight needs to be updated as soon as possible.”

Thanks to stringent norms in place, developed countries like Europe make sure that manufacturers are forced to issue a recall of faulty vehicles. Sadly, in India there are no such norms in place. Here, manufacturers issue a voluntary recall to fix faulty parts. Sometimes, manufacturers don’t do that, and fix the vehicle when it comes for servicing.

Same has happened with the new KTM Duke 390 in India. Made exclusively in India, and exported around the world, there has been no recall issued here in India. Instead, KTM dealers are upgrading the software when the bike comes in for servicing / checkup.

Anyways, if you are a new Duke 390 owner, and have not gotten your software upgraded, you should head to the nearest KTM outlet immediately and get it upgraded free of cost.

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