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2019 Maruti WagonR LPG variant will be offered from 1st day

Maruti Suzuki with its top sales volume and wide after sales network finds itself in the unique position to adapt quickly to necessary changes that the future of the automotive industry demands.

Maruti Suzuki has registered 1.3 percent sales decline at 128,338 units sold, down from 130,066 units sold December ’17. The Alto and WagonR segment has suffered a steeper decline at 14 percent with 27,661 units sold in December ’18, down from 32,146 units sold in Dec ’17.

Japan-spec WagonR.

But, Maruti is sure that sales will bounce back post the launch of new WagonR, which will take place on 23rd January. New gen Maruti WagonR will be offered with petrol as well as dual fuel option of CNG and LPG from the first day. This was revealed by Indian Auto LPG Coalition (IAC) in a media release.

The current WagonR is not offered with LPG. 2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR Auto LPG variant will put focus on an affordable and low polluting fuel in the company’s second best segment in terms of sales. Suyash Gupta, Director General, IAC says, “We are glad and welcome Maruti pushing the LPG variant in one of its most reliable and top-selling car models, the WagonR.

Design to be inspired by Suzuki Solio.

With India tackling difficult levels of pollution, it’s been a bleak and dreary winter with hazardous air quality warnings day after day. With many a conversation around alternative fuel sources, auto LPG is a focus area. The sector has reported 14 percent growth through FY17-18 owing to fuel price hikes, and increased awareness around adapting to cleaner transport fuels. Sale through the said period stood at 400,000 tonnes over 346,000 tonnes in FY16-17. That’s about 0.4 percent of auto LPG global sales volume.

Currently, Auto LPG is available in 500+ cities a 1100 strong station network. As global crude price continues to impact petrol, diesel and auto LPG price in India, the latter is comparatively cheaper at a current price range between Rs 45 – 48 across metros.

As a clean fuel, LPG doesn’t require a separate pipeline infrastructure, and can be transported in trucks, which eliminates additional costs. Auto LPG can be used in two wheelers too and emits negligible particulate matter, and low nitrogen dioxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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