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2020 Hyundai i20 Made Of Higher Strength Steel – Tested Rigorously Across India

2020 Hyundai i20 Safety and Build Quality
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The new Hyundai i20 will boast of 66 percent advanced and high strength steel structure

Its been about 2 years, since the first spy shots of the new gen Hyundai i20 appeared as it started public road testing. To be launched in India this week, the hatchback has entered production at the company’s Chennai plant. Ahead of that, Hyundai has released interesting new details about the 2020 Hyundai i20

Sets New Standards In Built Quality

For a start, this new generation Hyundai i20 is built on a super structure that consists of 66 percent advanced and high strength steel. This not only enhances its crash worthiness but also makes the new i20 lighter as compared to its earlier counterpart. It has been put to the test across 18 drive tracks to test its road driving conditions.

The new Hyundai i20 has been perfected through use of Industry 4.0 and Automation. The super structure is created with use of 5,400 tons stamping at the plant press shop. Hyundai has also used advanced digital gauges to check panel thinning distribution in areas and high grade coils for sculpting its various body parts. The company has also used 3D scanners for parts to ensure precision and accuracy.

Made To Last

Where its exterior build is concerned, the third gen Hyundai i20 sees use of high quality welding process with use of 4th Gen Robots offering 100 percent Weld Automation with over 4,000 welding spots in each car. The on-line robots offer flawless processes while the three stage quality control system uses Quality 4.0 techniques.

2020 Hyundai i20 Manufacturing
2020 Hyundai i20 Manufacturing

Paint applications also follow stringent quality checks with high throw power 7th gen electro deposition paint applied guaranteeing long lasting rust proof and corrosion resistance. Hyundai uses the Anode Cell Current Monitoring process for paint application.

For enhanced performance, the new Hyundai i20 has emerged after many hours of design and validation along with lakhs of kms testing through various road and operating conditions. Its engine boasts of outstanding power and high level of technology for a better road performance. The endurance tests with load conditions have been conducted over 849 hours and without load for 5 lakh cycles along with 350 hours for engine system to check its durability.

2020 Hyundai i20 Manufacturing

Hyundai uses a Cold Test Bed which is an eco friendly method of testing engines over 15 parameters without any use of fuel. It is a fully automated system to test the engines prior to assembly onto the vehicle. High Speed Vision consisting of 60 frames per minute check out the 58 engine parts for quality and durability.

World Class Assembly

At the Hyundai Assembly Shop, the shells are converted into complete cars wherein 80 percent of car parts are fixed and readied for a 100 percent systematized three stage dynamic tightening confirmation. Tightening tools fit the 700+ joints per car to ensure zero defects at the time of vehicle roll out.

2020 Hyundai i20 Manufacturing

Quality in feeding and assembly is ensured via Global Part Traceability Information System, an Advanced Part Management System, Mobility Sequence Feeding System and Trolley Scheduling System. There is also a 32 point check in Hyundai Integrated Digital Inspection System for best quality standards wherein each vehicle rolls off the assembly line thoroughly inspected by over 500 quality experts.

Finally, the drive quality is checked along 18 drive tracks, each of varied road conditions while leak test is carried out under rain/water pressure that surpasses the heaviest recorded monsoons. Shower condition of 60mm per minute or 3,600mm per hour at pressure of 3 bar.

2020 Hyundai i20 Manufacturing

It is with these quality tests and checks in engine performance that Hyundai gears up for the launch of the third gen i20 on 5th November. It will enter the premium hatchback segment to compete with the Tata Altroz, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Glanza and Honda Jazz. The new i20 could be priced between Rs. 5.5 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs, ex-sh.

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