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2020 Toyota Yaris gets 5 Star Safety Rating in EURO Ncap Crash Test

Yaris is the first car to undergo crash test as per the updated EURO NCAP testing norms

OEMs across the globe have been upping their game in terms of safety as NCAP ratings have started to play a lot more significant role in car-buying decisions for customers. In the meanwhile, Euro NCAP too has upgraded its testing protocols in 2020 and has come up with stricter norms. The first car which has undergone this updated 2020 Euro NCAP test is the 5-door Yaris hatchback from Toyota.

Whats new in 2020 Euro NCAP Test

Despite being the first car to undergo the 2020 Euro NCAP test, the fourth generation Yaris has scored a top-class rating (5-star) in the latest safety test. The 2020 Euro NCAP test comes along with an all-new frontal offset test. This test has replaced the previous version of the same test which has been used as a standard measure since 1997.

Additionally, for the first time the test now features a counter-measure for injuries in far-side impacts. The MPDB (mobile progressive deformable barrier) test further assess the protection the vehicle provides to its occupants and also the risks the car poses to the other car it lands up crashing into.

What worked well for Yaris?

Yaris’ design has clearly helped the car to perform well in the 2020 Euro NCAP tests. The vehicle is compact and doesn’t have a very aggressive front, helping it to be a not-too-intrusive crash-partner on the roads. The two centre-mounted airbags inflate in case of a side impact and hence limit the occupant’s travel and reduces the risk of occupant to occupant contact. Yaris also features Toyota Safety Sense technology which can stop the vehicle during turning to avoid an unnecessary crash with oncoming traffic.

The Yaris hatchback scored a commendable 5-star in overall safety rating. Euro NCAP rates the cars in 4 different categories and the Yaris managed to do well in all. It managed a 86% rating in Adult Occupant Safety rating, 81% in Child Occupant Safety, 78% in Vulnerable Road users category and a 85% in the Safety Assist category.

Expert’s Opinion

Post the test results, Euro NCAP’s secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen stated, “Congratulations to Toyota on a top rating for the Yaris. This has been a tough year for all concerned and I am grateful to Euro NCAP’s labs and employees who have worked hard to deliver safety, while staying safe. We have had to adapt quickly to new working practices, and it is pleasing that the first car rated this year should have gone so far to address the safety issues that are emerging as top priorities.”

Do note that the Yaris sold in India is a different model, when compared to the one which was tested in the 2020 Euro NCAP test. Hence, this test’s score isn’t applicable to the model on sale in India.

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