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2021 Honda Civic Scores 5 Star Safety Rating – ASEAN NCAP Crash Test

2021 Honda Civic Crash Test
2021 Honda Civic Crash Test

New-gen Civic could have scored higher if it was equipped with features like blind spot monitor and rear-view camera

2021 Honda Civic has been tested under ASEAN NCAP thrice. In this latest crash test, it was EL+ variant of Civic (MY2021) that was tested. Although the unit was sourced from Thailand, the results will be applicable to the ones sold in Singapore and Indonesia as well.

The test unit was equipped with safety features such as four airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), ABS, AEB City, AEB inter-urban, AEB pedestrian, child presence detection (CPD), auto high beam (AHB) and pedestrian protection technology.

2021 Honda Civic – Adult and child safety

In frontal impact, adult safety was in the range of adequate to good for both driver and passenger. There was good protection to the head and upper leg whereas protection to the chest and lower leg was rated as adequate. The car’s frontal occupant compartment was found to be stable in the frontal offset test.

In side impact, safety was found to be good. Total points scored for adult occupant protection is 29.28 out of 32. Points are 14.54 for frontal impact, 8.0 for side impact, and 6.74 for head protection technology.

In child occupant protection, the test assessed 18-month and 3-year-old child. Safety equipment used included restraint and ISOFIX mounts. New-gen Honda Civic scored a total of 46.72 points out of 51 in child occupant protection. It includes 24 points in dynamic test, 10 points in vehicle-based test, 11.72 points for installation and 1 point for child detection. In CRS installation assessment, most of the CRS brands were either exempt or passed the test.

Safety assist and motorcyclist safety

New-gen Honda Civic delivered good results in tests of safety assist features. Points scored were 19.07 out of maximum 21 points. It includes 6 points for effective braking & avoidance, 4.07 points for seatbelt reminders, 6 points for autonomous emergency braking and 3 points for advanced SATs. Features that are offered as standard across all variants of new-gen Civic include ABS, ESC, AEB, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, lane keep assist and driver attention monitor.

The only area where 2021 Civic seems to be lagging is motorcyclist safety. It scored 8.32 points out of 16, which is just a little above 50%. New Honda Civic does not have a dedicated nearside blind spot detection system. It utilizes a lane watch feature instead. Due to this, it received only 2.32 points out of 8 in blind spot detection. Another critical safety equipment missing is rear view camera. Due to this, Civic received 0 points for rear visualization.

In Indian market, Civic has been launched and discontinued twice. It was first axed in 2013 and bought back later in 2019. It was the 10th gen model that was launched in India in 2019. Civic was discontinued again in India in December 2020, apparently due to low sales numbers. In the near future, Honda is likely to step-up focus on SUV segment in India. The company is developing a new mid-size SUV that is expected to be launched in India in 2023.

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