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2022 Tata Nexon Electric With 400 Kms Drive Range – Larger Battery

Tata Nexon Electric Range
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It’s imperative for Tata Motors to upgrade its EVs, as several new and possibly better-equipped products are expected in 2022-23 and beyond

Tata Motors EV portfolio currently has Nexon EV and Tigor EV. Early adopters have significant preference for Nexon EV, as it offers a desirable balance between pricing and range. It explains why Nexon EV is currently the top selling electric car in the country.

2022 Tata Nexon Electric With 400 Kms Range

In its current form, Nexon EV is powered by a 30.2kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Certified range is 312 km on a full charge. However, in real world conditions, users have reported getting around 180-200 km. While this may be sufficient for everyday city commutes, it does not suffice for longer journeys.

For inter-city and inter-state travel, Nexon EV has to be upgraded with longer range. In its current form, Nexon EV will have to make frequent stops at charging stations. As a solution to such issues and to make Nexon EV comparable to standard fossil-fuel based cars, Tata Motors is working on a longer-range version of Nexon EV. This is expected to be launched around mid 2022.

Long range edition of Nexon EV will be equipped with a larger 40kWh capacity battery pack. With the new battery pack, weight of the car is expected to increase by around 100 kg. Range will increase to more than 400 kms on full charge. True range is expected to be around 300-320 kms. This is close to range available with premium electric cars such as MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona EV.

Tata Nexon EV launched in Nepal
Tata Nexon EV

Other updates like selectable regenerative braking and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) are also on the cards for Nexon EV. As of now, the regenerative braking system on Nexon EV is a mild version. It does not allow users to make adjustments. The new regen system will have selectable options that will allow users to control the intensity of regenerative braking. When the max possible regen setting is selected, it will help boost range in a significant manner.

Nexon long range EV could get some visual updates such as new colour options and a new set of alloy wheels. There can be some changes on the inside as well. It is to note that current Nexon EV model will continue to be sold alongside the long-range variant.

Tata Nexon EV Long Range price

With the larger battery pack and other updates, long-range Nexon EV is expected to cost Rs 3-4 lakh more than the current model. Even with increased pricing, Nexon EV will still be cheaper than other electric cars in its class. The current model is available at a starting price of Rs 14.24 lakh (ex-sh). Top-spec Nexon EV Dark XZ+ LUX variant is priced at Rs 16.85 lakh.

Tata Motors has chalked out aggressive plans for EV segment. Its EV portfolio is expected to grow to 10 EVs by 2026. To make it possible, the company recently launched a new EV arm called Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEML). This new entity will cater to all aspects of EVs including their design, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and after sales services.


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