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2023 Honda ZRV SUV Debuts With Hybrid AWD Powertrain – Launch Soon

Japanese version of ZRV gets hybrid e:HEV powertrain with AWD option; expected to be launched in Europe as well

2023 Honda ZRV SUV
2023 Honda ZRV SUV

It is quite common for carmakers to introduce a product in multiple markets with some changes to the exteriors, interiors, equipment list and powertrain options. A different name can also be used in specific markets. A recent example is Honda ZR-V that has been unveiled in Japan.

2023 Honda ZRV for Japan looks similar to ZR-V sold in China. It also closely resembles HR-V sold in US. Of course, there are changes that ensure a distinctive profile for Japan-spec ZR-V. Pre-order bookings for the SUV will open in Japan in September. After Japan, new ZR-V is likely to be introduced in Europe next year. European markets will get only the e:HEV variants.

2023 Honda ZRV features

Changes that make Japan-spec new ZR-V unique include its focus on using body-coloured paint across majority of exterior surfaces. So, while Chinese ZR-V has black coloured bumper and fog lamp housing, Japan-spec ZR-V has everything in the same shade as the body colour. This specific trim unveiled in Japan utilizes Crystal Garnet Metallic colour.

Talking about US-spec HR-V, the SUV has faux skid plate in metallic shade and black coloured fog lamp housing. The grille outline is largely the same for Chinese ZR-V and US HR-V, but the inserts are different on both SUVs. Japan-spec ZR-V uses the same outline for the grille, but it gets a new design featuring vertical slats in black finish. The new grille design significantly enhances the SUV’s overall look and feel.

2023 Honda ZRV SUV
2023 Honda ZRV SUV

On the sides too, Japan-spec 2023 Honda ZRV utilizes the Crystal Garnet Metallic colour on the fender and body cladding. In comparison, Chinese ZR-V and US HR-V have conventional black cladding. Use of black on Japanese ZR-V is limited to the dual-tone turn indicators and B and C pillars. At the rear, the SUV has dual exhaust pipes in metallic finish.

Interiors of Japan-spec ZR-V look similar to that of US-spec HR-V. Some of the matching bits include the digital instrument cluster, free-standing touchscreen infotainment system and physical climate controls. These features are themselves borrowed from latest-gen Civic.

However, the bulky gear lever, as used with automatic variants, has been replaced with buttons. This ensures a clutter-free, modern look for the SUV. Upholstery is also new and looks more premium in burgundy shade with contrasting orange stitching.

2023 Honda ZRV SUV
2023 Honda ZRV SUV

New ZR-V performance

Most important change for 2023 Honda ZRV in comparison to Chinese ZR-V and US HR-V is that the Japanese version gets e:HEV powertrain. It comprises a newly developed 2.0-litre direct injection engine, an electric CVT and built-in 2 electric motors. While performance specs have not been revealed, a similar hybrid powertrain is in use with FWD-only Civic e:HEV. Combined power output is at 181 hp.

Apart from the hybrid powertrain, Japan-spec ZR-V will also get an ICE-only version. It will be powered by a 1.5-litre turbo gasoline motor. Both variants will be available with AWD option. More details about new ZR-V will be revealed in coming months. India launch of new 2023 Honda ZRV is not planned.

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