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2023 Yamaha R15 Gets TFT Display, LED Blinkers, New Colour

The single-cylinder 4V, liquid cooled 155cc engine with VVA making 18.4 PS and 14.2 Nm, is retained with 2023 Yamaha R15

2023 Yamaha R15
2023 Yamaha R15

Yamaha’s YZF-R range of motorcycles has a huge fan following globally. Yamaha neatly incorporates a single design language across the YZF-R lineup to make them look cohesive. This family DNA is especially a great draw with smaller capacity YZF-R range like R15, R125 and the likes.

They come at a cost though. Despite being considerably pricier than a few similarly specced motorcycles, Yamaha has managed to attract a lot of buyers. The company strives to better this sub-quarter-liter lineup of its sporty machines. 2023 Yamaha R15 is no exception as there are now new feature additions that up the ante, and proportionately price too. Let’s take a look.

2023 Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15 is the company’s flagship product in India. It comes with a plethora of mechanical enhancements like variable valve actuation (VVA), liquid cooling, slipper clutch, quick shifter (only upshifts and not downshifts) and some more. Pricing for R15M goes till Rs. 1,93,400 (ex-sh).

At this price point, buyers would want some features like LED turn indicators and a TFT screen. Both of these features were missing on R15. Now, 2023 Yamaha R15M V4 gets these features. However, these features are not standard. These feature additions are only for top-spec versions based on R15M. Even now, standard R15 V4 variants get halogen indicators and LCD instrument cluster like before.

Thanks to K2K Motovlogs, we have a walkaround video of the same. We know that Yamaha should have offered these features from day one, at least with M variants. These additions for R15 will be associated with a price hike. Expect 2023 Yamaha R15M to cost north of Rs. 2 lakh (ex-sh). Especially in top-spec R15M trim like Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition.

2023 Yamaha R15 new TFT Display
2023 Yamaha R15 new TFT Display

There is improved switchgear to better control this new TFT screen with M models. This new switchgear helps navigate through the system better. This new display is likely to be around 5” in size and shows various parameters and comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app as well. Details about turn-by-turn navigation are still mum, though. Yamaha has also launched 2023 R15 in a new matte black colour with gold accents and gold alloys.

MT-15 Gets Dual-Channel ABS

Along with R15M, MT-15 gets the same LED blinkers. But Yamaha doesn’t offer a TFT display with MT-15 Ver 2.0. Sure, Yamaha has upgraded the MT-15 with dual-channel ABS. But if you want a TFT screen, you have to shell out more and go with R15 V4. As of now Yamaha MT-15 Ver 2.0 prices go till Rs. 1,66,400 (ex-sh) after a recent price hike.

With these new upgrades and new editions, expect pricing to cross Rs. 1.7 lakh mark with top-spec Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition. It is yet to be seen if dual-channel ABS on MT-15 is standard or optional. Mechanically, both R15 V4 and MT-15 are identical to previous models. The same 155cc engine with 18.4 PS of power and 14.2 Nm of torque, mated to a 6-speed gearbox is standard.

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