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350cc Motorcycle Sales Dec 2020 – Honda CB350 vs RE Meteor, Bullet, Electra

Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Image – Nikhil Gandhi

Honda CB350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 domestic sales and exports in December 2020

350cc motorcycle segment is dominated by Royal Enfield. Has been for the longest time. It’s only in recent years that there has been a continuity of new launches in the 300 – 400cc segment by other manufacturers. 350cc segment sales grew in December 2020.

Royal Enfield’s contribution was just shy of 62k units. Of this, Classic 350 took the lion’s share at 39,321 units, up 35 percent from 29,121 units in December 2019. MoM wholesales were stable with November 2020 numbers reported at 39,391 units.

Bullet 350 numbers were reported at 10,480 units at about 16 percent decline, down from 12,467 units. MoM growth is reported at 60.91 percent, up from 6,513 units at volume gain of 3,967 units.

Meteor 350, the manufacturer’s newest launch saw sales reported at 8,569 units to surpass Electra 350. MoM growth was reported at 21.87 percent, up from 7,031 units. The latter accounted for 3,490 units at 4.15 percent decline, down from 3,641 units. MoM sales decline is reported at 4.15 percent, down from 3,641 units.

350cc Motorcycle segment sales and exports Dec 2020
350cc Motorcycle segment sales and exports Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019 (YoY)

350 cc domestic wholesales in December 2020

Honda CB350, also a fairly new launch saw wholesales listed at 1,564 units. MoM sales decline is reported at 61.54 units. This can be attributed to initial sales boost on account of new launch during the festive season.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Honda CB350 Sales Performance Dec 2020
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 sales crossed 15k units in 2 months since while Honda CB350 sales are under 7k units in 3 months since launch.

Together, 350cc wholesales for December 20 stood at 63,424 units at 40.23 percent growth. Volumes grew by 18,195 units, up from 45,229 units. MoM growth is reported at 4.85 percent for the 350cc segment, up from 60,492 units at volume gain of 2,932 units.

Interestingly, both new bikes, Meteor 350 and Honda CB350 have garnered much public interest. While Royal Enfield has a steady sales source through its nationwide network, Honda is playing catch up. As the manufacturer has chosen to sell its 350 units from BigWing dealerships. Consequently, one can expect steady focus on this network being built at speed to cater to a wider market.

350cc Motorcycle segment sales and exports Dec 2020
350cc Motorcycle segment sales and exports Dec 2020 vs Nov 2020 (MoM)

Also, this is the first time Honda has decided to tap into this segment for its Indian business. Considering a launch in late 2020 to maximise benefits of the festive season, the MY21 models are now available at a slightly revised price. Given that manufacturers have increased prices across entire product ranges starting 2021.

350cc motorcycle exports from India

Surprisingly, Royal Enfield’s 350cc exports for December 2020 were on the decline while Honda CB 350 gained. As a result, Honda CB 350 exports for last month topped the table at 510 units. In the export front, the bike will also head to Japan. MoM exports gained by over 400 units from 92 units the month prior.

Classic 350 exports fell 27.44 percent, down from 328 units. MoM decline is reported at 67.26 percent, down from 727 units. Meteor 350 numbers stood at 94 units. MoM decline us reported at 62.55 percent, down from 251 units. No units of Electra or Bullet were exported in the period under consideration.

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