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350cc Motorcycle Sales March 2021 – Classic, Meteor, Bullet, Hness CB350

RE Sales March 2021
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Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the most sold 350cc motorcycle in India, new generation model expected in a few weeks

The retro-style classic segment of motorcycles once was clearly dominated by Royal Enfield. It still does command the space thanks to a loyal fanbase and a wide range of products in this space. However, in recent times it has faced stiff competition from new offerings from Honda, Benelli and Jawa.

Domestic Sales

In the 350cc segment, the Chennai-based bikemaker still enjoys a monopoly since it has three offerings against the one offered by Honda. A total of 61,201 motorcycles were sold in this space last month against l29,971 units sold in March last year that resulted in YoY growth of 104.20 percent even though MoM sales declined by 6.47 percent. Sales of Jawa and Benelli are not available.

The segment was spearheaded by Royal Enfield Classic 350 with as many as 31,696 units sold in March this year. The figures stood at 24,304 units in March last year and 36,025 units in February this year.

This resulted in YoY growth of 30.41 percent and a decline in MoM sales by 12.02 percent. Its sibling Bullet 350 managed to rake in 9,693 units last month against the previous month’s 11,044 units resulting in an MoM decline in sales by 12.23 percent.

350cc Motorcycle Sales March 2021
350cc Motorcycle Sales March 2021

New Entrants- Meteor 350, CB350 Show Growth

However, the longest-running motorcycle in production registered a massive YoY growth of 278 percent since it sold 2,507 units in March last year. The electric start version of Bullet, formerly known as Electra, recorded sales of 4,914 units that resulted in YoY growth of 55.51 percent and MoM decline of 24.1 percent. The company’s latest cruiser offering Meteor 350 registered sales of 10,596 units in March this year.

In February 2021, the motorcycle witnessed sales of 8,624 units thus translating to an MoM growth of 22.87 percent. The list was rounded off by Honda’s latest roadster CB 350 in two forms- H’Ness and RS with a cumulative sales of 4,302 units. In comparison, the Japanese brand sold 3,268 units in February this year resulting in an MoM growth of 31.64 percent.


As far as exports are concerned, a total of 1,722 motorcycles from this segment were shipped to overseas countries. In comparison, last year during the same month, this figure stood at 416 units whereas this year in February, the numbers stood at 1,572 units. Therefore, it resulted in YoY growth of 75.84 percent and an MoM growth of 9.54 percent.

350cc Motorcycle Exports March 2021
350cc Motorcycle Exports March 2021

Meteor 350 recorded the highest exports of 890 units which translates to an MoM of 383.70 percent. With 679 units dispatched abroad, Classic witnessed the highest YoY growth of 87.57 percent, however, its MoM sales declined by 38.66 percent. Honda shipped only 150 units of CB350 thus recording an MoM sales decline of 44.44 percent.

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