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Ford lists 7 things that damage your car’s paint without your knowledge

Ford’s 3-wet paint technology utilizes solid paint technology that offers harder, stronger and scratch and chip resistant car exterior paint. There are a number of things that affect the car surface which many people are not even aware of.

Things that this paint technology protects the car exterior against includes all sorts of spills, splatters, and chippings as pointed out by Richard Burt, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering, Paint, Ford Asia Pacific.

Splattered Bugs – Splattered bugs on the car surface damage the paint due to their acidic content. This damages the surface of the car if not cleaned properly. To save your car paint, all you need to do is remove the bug as early as possible. All it takes to clean the surface is a soft cloth.

Spilled fuel – is another thing that immediately damages the car paint. A trip to the gas station and filling up the fuel tank to the brim will inevitably result in some spilled fuel. If left uncleaned, it seeps into the car paint and causes the area around the fuel tank cap to lose its shine. This can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth dipped in a little instant detailer.

Bird Droppings damage the surface of the car. These droppings also include acidic substances which dull the paint while grit causes scratches on the paint surface. Simple cleaning with a microfiber cloth and water are enough to remove droppings while rather than wiping the surface, lifting off the droppings will cause less damage.


Stones and pebbles are inevitably kicked up from the ground when the car is in motion. These can chip away at the car surface leaving exposed areas which could rust if left untreated. The ideal way to prevent such rusting is to use Ford 3-wet paint technology that creates a barrier between the exposed area and the elements.


Fingerprints on car surfaces cause minute scratches on the glossy paint. The dust contains micro particles that leave thin scratches on the surface which show up when the dust is removed.


Ash and soot are also known the scratch the surface of the car. While people may immediately think of washing the car surface with soap and water, this actually combines with the ash to form an alkaline which causes more harm to the car surface. Gentle dusting away of the ash with a light car duster prior to washing the car is hence advised.


Dirty water, a dirty sponge, and other washing accessories also cause untold damage to the paint of a car. A cleaning sponge or cloth dropped on the floor should not be used as it can cause severe scratches on the surface. Such dirty clothes should immediately be replaced with a fresh and clean sponge or cloth so as to protect the paint.


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