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ABS and CBS made a must for all two wheelers sold in India

All two wheelers sold in India will have to be fitted with Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and Combined Lock Braking System (CBS), from April 2018.

Road Transport Ministry has issued a draft notification following with all two wheeler manufacturers will have to comply with this mandate. Two wheelers with displacement of 125cc and above will need to be fitted with ABS while all models below 125cc will need to have CBS installed.

This mandate of an improved braking system has been planned in view of the increased accidents and deaths involving two wheelers. Last year, 32,524 deaths involving two wheelers were reported while 1.27 lakh persons were injured.

ABS and CBS will add to the price of two wheelers, making them expensive as compared to current price.

It is the fear of locked wheels that make riders shy away from applying brakes fully even when the situation demands. ABS offers riders better control over the vehicle, while stopping distance is decreased both on dry and wet surfaces.

CBS links front and rear brakes allowing the rider to depress one of the brake levers for both front and rear brakes. The amount of brake applied is determined by a proportional control valve with braking force distributed to both wheels equally.

Benefits of ABS – Video

As per notification the deadline is fixed at April 2017 for all new two wheeler models while for all existing models of two wheelers April 2018 has been fixed as the deadline. Installation of ABS and CBS for two wheelers will involve costs which could increase prices of products by INR 5,000-40,000 depending on model and class of vehicle but will be a small price to pay to enhance safety of two wheeler riders.

Official Government Draft

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