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Mahindra Waiting Period Feb 2023 – XUV700, Scorpio, Bolero, XUV300

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Akshay Kulkarni

By far the highest waiting period is observed with Thar RWD – It has a waiting period of up to 1.5 years

New Mahindra Bolero NEO
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Huge demand is directly proportional to the huge waiting list. Most Mahindra car buyers would know this by now. Mahindra products have high waiting periods these days, going up to 75 weeks (almost a year and a half).

We recently covered Thar’s waiting period, which has now stretched to 18 months for the RWD variant. Surprisingly, waiting for the 4×4 variants of Thar has come down to just 3-4 weeks (1 month), post the launch of 4×2 Thar. In today’s post, we will take a look at the waiting period of other Mahindra SUVs – Scorpio, XUV700, XUV300 and Bolero.

Mahindra Waiting Period Feb 2023 – Scorpio, XUV700

Scorpio N undoubtedly has a high waiting period. Ever since Scorpio N bookings went live, it has been an absolute frenzy for Mahindra. Scorpio N variants start from base Z2 trim with a waiting period between 52 and 54 weeks. This figure holds true for both petrol and diesel variants. Z4 trim is the most value-for-money trim and offers a 4WD option as well.

As expected, Z4 trim commands the highest waiting period among all other variants, ranging between 60 and 65 weeks. Both Z6 and Z8 trims command a waiting period lying between 55 and 60 weeks for both petrol and diesel variants. Speaking of top-spec Z8 L trim, there is not a lot of waiting period for automatic transmissions with both petrol and diesel.

Mahindra Scorpio N Waiting Period Feb 2023

With just 24 to 26 weeks of waiting, this is the trim to choose if you want a Scorpio N ASAP. The same trim with manual gearbox has a waiting period between 56 to 58 weeks in both petrol and diesel options. Scorpio Classic waiting list is not as high as Scorpio N’s at just 24 to 26 weeks.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic Waiting Period Feb 2023

XUV700 is a different story, though. Base MX trim commands 24 to 26 weeks of waiting in petrol and diesel variants, 40 weeks in petrol (Opt) and diesel (Opt) variants. Same is the case with AX3 and AX5 trims as well. Going up the range, the waiting period for AX7 and AX7L trims range between 47 and 48 weeks.

Mahindra XUV700 Waiting Period Feb 2023

Bolero Neo &, XUV300 Waiting Period

Apart from Thar, XUV700, Scorpio Classic and the notorious Scorpio N, Mahindra’s other vehicles have some waiting period too. XUV300 has been a solid seller in sub 4m compact SUV space and has a decent waiting period. In the North Zone, 17 to 20 weeks for W4, 12-19 weeks for W6, 5-9 weeks for W8, 6 to 10 weeks for W8 (O) and 12-28 weeks of waiting period are observed with AT variants of W6 + W8 (O).

Mahindra Bolero Neo Waiting Period Feb 2023

Waiting period is fairly low with East Zone, West Zone and even South Zone with most trim levels as opposed to North Zone. Ever since Mahindra converted TUV300 to Bolero Neo with minuscule changes, it seems to have worked its wonder. Waiting period for base N4 trim is 6-8 weeks, while it is 4-5 weeks for N8 trim, and 2-3 weeks for N10 and N10 (O) trims.

Mahindra XUV300 Waiting Period Feb 2023
Published by
Akshay Kulkarni