Angry elephant on road hurls bikes, rickshaw, tempo at people – Video

An elephant named Devidasan was to perform at a temple during a recent religious festival in Kerala. He was decorated in full gear, exactly what you would have seen in countless images which show them wearing golden ornaments on their head and saluting.

Probably, on this day, Devidasan decided to call it a day and said enough is enough. Irritated from all the nuisance he has to go through because of humans, Devidasan started lifting bikes, rickshaws, tempos, whatever he could with his trunk, and hurled it towards people on the road. You can watch the two-minute video below.

Kongad Palakkad 25 02 2016

Posted by Anwar Sadath M C on Friday, February 26, 2016

Conflict between animals and people in India is on the rise. These last few weeks have seen a leopard enter a school in Bengaluru, villagers ganging up against a bear and beating it to death, an elephant who forgot way back to the jungle in Siliguri, West Bengal, and now this incident in Kerala. All this in under two months.

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Animal experts of the opinion that the conflict will continue to increase as human population outburst in India has resulted in encroachment of forests across the country. Government should implement some strict rules at the earliest in order to reduce such incidents.

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