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Upcoming Apple Humanized Navigation system to guide like a friend

Named Apple Humanized Navigation system, this technology has not been unveiled or even hinted by the company. Information regarding this upcoming system is known by a patent application filed by the Cupertino company, titled “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications”.

This seems somewhat similar to the way Google Maps already communicates with its users.The subject here is not a new equipment. It is the way Apple wishes to continually inform the drivers of the route he will be taking and guidance he will be needing to reach the destination. Apple is working on a Humanized way of communication, meaning, it is an evolution of the way voice support works in navigation systems.

Typically, a navigation device or software in a smartphone only dictates the paths the driver is supposed to choose, by reading out the instruction text, say “Head North for 1 kilometre and turn left” or “In 200 metres at the roundabout, take the third exit”.

Apple wants a more personal touch in this scenario rather than just a robotized TTS (Text To Speech) in your ears, wherein the Humanized Navigation system would be talking to the driver mentioning visible landmarks on the way, something like “Hey, look at the pizza place there on your left, make a turn there to head to the freeway”.

It is still unclear to what extent Apple Humanized Navigation system will be friendly or candid in the way it speaks the navigational instructions, but in the patent application the company had mentioned, modern systems “do not account for the mental state of the user”.

But if you’re a regular user of app on a smartphone / tablet, you would’ve noticed that it already speaks with references on the way. It would only be a matter of time before Google updates its TTS to all the more casual manner, like how Apple intends to do.

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