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Arrogant cop stops bikers, makes them say sorry for no reason – Video

Shanu Khan was riding along with his friend towards Trivandrum – Attingal on 24th of this month. The duo were riding on seperate bikes. Shanu was riding his Kawasaki ZX10R while his friend was on a Harley Davidson.

Riding with helmet, safety gear, and within speed limit, the duo were still at the receiving end of a local cop’s fury. The video footage clearly shows that the bikers did not do anything wrong, but still the cop made them say sorry. As per Shanu, the cop was angry because they did not stop at a previous junction and give way to his car.

At the start of the video you can see that the bikers are riding on a street and suddenly a cop car tries to enter the road from an intersection without any indicators. Those going straight have the first right of way, and by that logic the bikers did not do anything wrong. Because the bikers did not stop and give him way, he got angry.

The cop is then seen chasing the bikers on the street in his on-duty vehicle. He is also continuously honking through the streets. He gets his car in front, cuts into their lane and forcefully stops the duo. What happens next, is for everyone to see in the video below.

On his Facebook profile, Shanu Khan has posted this video. Along with this, he adds “It is clear that the police vehicle neither had the turn indicators on nor the driver was careful. It was a display of road rage after that, the Police chased the rider and took the key, shouted at him. It only stopped when they realised that I was filming them and in a flip of a coin they tried to make it an advice session leaving the blame on us.”

“Really hope Kerala police gets better training on how to deal with People and how not to be rude and arrogant; after all we pay tax and we obeyed the law, and it was them breaking the LAW. It would have been worse (The usual Theri Abhishekam of our Kerala Police is matched by none) if we didn’t have the camera on.”

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