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Arsenal FC fan in India gives his Hyundai i20 club makeover

Arsenal Hyundai i20 club bonnetHis idea of car ownership changed earlier this year when as an afterthought, he decided he could do better with it. With his 25th birthday fast approaching and a new car on his mind, something was about to change. The ardent Arsenal FC fan was keen to take things into his hands since the club hadn’t been winning anything for years, and decided to do something different.

Instead of a new car, he worked on his car starting this year. The first thing to go was the car’s white gaze. With a custom made club colour matched with the Jersey, the car was repainted in matte finish. It took about 50 days. Having started his pet project, at the start of the year, all changes were made simultaneously to have the car ready by his 25th birthday, i.e., 21st March.

Gunners Hyundai i20Both front seats and rear seats wear jersey numbers of his favourite players. 14 for Thierry Henry, 10 for Dennis Bergkamp, 15 for Alex-Oxlade chamberlain, and 19 for Santi Cazorla. Help for his pet Arsenal fan car project came from a friend, Shamaun, a gym buddy. Car interiors and addons were custom made, with necessary prints made at a printing press based on designs and logos available online. A cousin gifted him a themed key chain, which was gotten from Darjeeling. Looking at it, Sumit says the project is complete at an expense of about Rs 90,000. What remains is an astroturf type green mattress, which at the moment is out of stock.

Arsenal FC India Hyundai i20The fan does believe his fan car is lucky, and his club has a FA Cup and Community Shield win to show for it. He’s headed to London next month, too bad he won’t be driving from Calcutta to the Emirates Stadium.

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