Aston Martin luxury sports auto marquee test drive selected variants for Indian car market

As is common practice with super luxury brands, Aston Martin, the British luxury sports car marquee made its Indian presence felt through their association with Performance Cars, a division of Infinity Cars Pvt. Ltd. The luxury market in India has literally been growing at break neck speed with growth rate being at least 25% p.a. Keeping in mind that the Indian luxury market, estimated to reach $14.7 billion by 2015, it comes as no surprise that super luxury cars are in focus. Performance Cars brings to India the Aston Martin’s iconic sports cars range.

Performance Cars’ exclusive Aston Martin dealership at Kemp’s Corner at Peddar and Altamount Road junction brings to India a high-end boutique environment. Buyers can custom specify Aston Martin cars at the exclusive dealership. The British super luxury car range upholds a spirit of contemporary manufacturing and engineering excellence. In keeping with global international design elements that Aston Martin embodies, the Mumbai dealership showroom has been specifically designed by Performance Cars to uphold these core values.

The Aston Martin dealership offers test-drive selected variants which include the V8 Vantage Coupe, V8 Vantage Roadster, V12 Vantage, DB9 Coupe, DB9 Volante, DBS Coupe, DBS Volante and the four-door sports car – Rapide, and their new launch, the V8 Vantage S, Virage and Zagato. Their after-sales facility at Worli lives upto it’s reputation as being amongst the finest luxury car segment workshops in India.

Managing Director of Infinity Cars Private Limited, Mr. Lalit Choudary founded the company in 2006. With luxury cars presenting a great opportunity in India, he set up Infinity Cars with a BMW dealership in Mumbai, and later in Madhya Pradesh. It was in 2009, that he factored discussions with Aston Martin to explore the possibilities of bringing Aston Martin to India.

Managing Director of Infinity Cars Private Limited, Mr. Lalit Choudary had this to say. “Partnering with Aston Martin has offered Performance Cars an opportunity to bring one of the world’s most iconic brands to one of the world’s most discerning and fast growing markets. We have been pleased with the response we have had thus far and are confident about the brand’s growing success in India given the range of models, the comfortable ride quality the cars offer on our roads and the exclusivity they accord. With the launch of Aston Martin, Performance Cars is even keener to demonstrate its commitment to offer the latest automotive technology to its customers in India.”

In regards to expansion, he had this to say. “We are currently focused on consolidating our presence in the Mumbai market. With time as the population of cars increase in other cities one will consider establishing a presence. However, this will need to be done with full support of Aston Martin and needs to also reflect the evolution of the market locally.”