Aston Martin Racing partners with Hasselblad for 2014

“We are delighted to be the official Photography Partner of Aston Martin Racing,” comments Sarah Brereton-Stiles, Corporate Marketing Project Manager at Hasselblad. “Both Hasselblad and Aston Martin Racing are renowned for their rich heritage and technological innovations, passion for excellence and an extraordinary sense of style. It’s a winning combination of two iconic brands.”

Aston Martin Racing HasselbladThe collaboration sees Aston Martin Racing’s team photographer use innovative equipment on track, and the engineering team use the latest HV camera when gathering vital data from the pits.

“A race can be won or lost on a pitstop decision following an incident,” comments Dan Sayers Chief, Engineer at Aston Martin Racing. “When the car passes the pit straight at up to 100mph, it’s impossible for us to see the extent of the damage with the naked eye. We therefore have to bring the car in to the pits to check. However, Hasselblad can provide a camera that can take a series of high-speed images, which can be fed straight back to the engineering team for observation.

“We can also use the cameras to collect data for development purposes and we can use the film functions to record and play back pit stops so we can see areas of improvement.”

Their Stellar compact camera is available in different styles. HV DSLR is aimed at photo-enthusiasts and perfect for motorsport enthusiast. Hasselblad’s mirrorless Lunar camera with 5 different grip styles are handcrafted using carbon fibre.

Hasselblad branding will feature on all four V8 Vantage GTEs as they take on the WEC, including 24 Hours of Le Mans. Hasselblad products will be available for entrants to test during the GT4 Challenge race weekend.