Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar AM-RB-001 announced

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing F1 team have joined hands to create what is described as the next gen hypercar. Codenamed as AM-RB-001, the Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar will see the Formula 1 team’s Cheif Technical Officer Adrain Newey and the British supercar marque’s Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman work together closely.

The company says that the collaboration will lead to an ‘ultimate blend of cutting edge F1 technology with Aston Martin’s signature sportscar design. The partnership unites world’s top aerodynamicists, and experts on composite materials and manufacturing.

Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar partnership announced
Legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey brings to table 30 years of experience at the pinnacle of motorsports.

Not much about the technical aspects of the car has been discussed. Neither did the company reveal a time frame for the unveil. We expect the AM-RB-001 to be a road legal machine which combines a latest innovations in F1 with a stunning supercar design.

Both Reichman and Newey are confident that hypercar will stir the imaginations of car designers of the future. Being a hypercar, it’s reasonable to assume that it will be built in extremely limited numbers. A powerful IC engine with F1-style KERS is almost certain. The power output is estimated to be in the vicinity of 1000 PS.

Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar partnership
Red Bull’s 2016 F1 cars will sport Aston Martin logos throughout the season.

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As a part of the partnership, Red Bull F1 cars will carry the Aston Martin logo on their nose cones throughout the 2016 season. This sort of puts an end to the speculation that Sahara Force India F1 Team could be rebranded as Aston Martin Racing.

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