Audi A3 sedan production begins in India, launch on 7th Aug 2014

Audi A3 sedan production begins in IndiaThe first Audi model to be locally produced prior to launch from their plant in Aurangabad, Audi’s A3 sedan is pegged at being a major game changer for the company. Audi’s A6 and A4 sedans besides Q5, A7 and Q3 SUVs were all brought in as completely built up units on launch though they are being locally produced as on date.

Audi’s production unit in Aurangabad boasts of state of the art infrastructure coupled with efficient working processes and backed by skilled and competent workforce. All these factors have initiated the company to produce their upcoming A3 sedan locally. Its launch will be specially aspiring to target a new set of buyers in the luxury segment. Audi’s new A3 sedan is promised to be the company’s most affordable car in India while pricing is expected to be on par with their most affordable car, Audi Q3 S, which retails at under Rs 25 lakhs.

Audi A3 sedan India assembly lineThough pricing will be affordable, Audi A3 does not compromise on standards as interiors promise to be roomier and features more outstanding, as we found out during media drive in Udaipur earlier this month. Audi will offer the A3 sedan in both petrol and diesel engine configurations in the form of a 1.8 TFSI offering 180 PS and diesel engine offering 143 PS which have also done duty on the A4.

In the past year, Audi has seen tremendous performance in India, excelling over German rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW as far as sales are concerned. In 2013, Audi sold a total of 10,002 units in India thus becoming the first luxury car manufacturer to cross the 10000 unit mark. During the same period, Mercedes Benz sold 9,003 units while BMW sales stood at 7,327 units.