Audi A8 luxury sedan causes 12 kms long traffic jam in Sydney

Earlier today, on the 6 kms long Eastern Distributor motorway in Sydney, Audi A8 luxury sedan broke down due to an electrical failure leading to a 12 km long traffic jam. The incident took place when Audi A8 was traveling in the tunnel towards south. After the breakdown, the Audi A8 driver immediately called for assistance. By the time tow truck arrived, there was already a huge traffic jam on the motorway. The tow truck that arrived was unable to tow Audi A8 because of its size. A second tow truck, bigger in size than the first one, arrived within some time. This time, broken Audi A8 was finally towed.

According to Transport Management Center, Sydney, it was difficult to tow the Audi A8 because its keys, handbrake and steering wheel were stuck. It took two tow trucks to tow the Audi A8. A spokeswoman later said, “We received a call at 7.04am. It is a private motorway and, when they got a tow truck there, they couldn’t move the car.”

When Audi was contacted, their spokeswoman said, “It (Audi A8) appears to have run out of battery power.” To add more misery, another car broke down at the same spot, minutes after the Audi A8 was towed. But this one was towed within minutes and the traffic was eased. The Audi A8 that cause traffic jam was a 2008 model and belonged to a limousine company. It had 280,000 kms on its odometer.

After analyzing the problem, Anna Burgdorf, Audi spokeswoman, said: “There’s not a problem with the car … or its electronics. We’ve looked at the car and it appears to have been an issue with the alternator, and all that was required to remove the car was a booster pack to the battery [applied by the tow truck driver]. It would have been a very simple process. All of the electronics would have come back to life and the car could have been driven out of the tunnel. The car would still have required a replacement alternator, but it at least could have been driven out of the growing peak-hour traffic.”