Audi Q6 electric SUV teased, confirms Tesla Model X rival

The Ingolstadt carmaker is developing a serious Tesla Model X rival, in the name of Audi Q6. The electric SUV will be sitting beneath the current flagship SUV Q7.

Audi Q6 electric SUV teaser
Audi Q6 teaser gives a sneak peak into the upcoming flagship electric SUV, which is not expected to hit the streets until the end of 2017.
Audi Q6 electric SUV is based on same (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) MLB platform as the new Q7, but accommodates a battery pack and electric drivetrain. The power pack is expected to be as large as a 100 kWh unit, bigger than the 90 kWh unit in the new Audi R8 e-tron. The latter has a theoretical range of 280 miles (450 km), which means, the bulky and not-so-aerodynamic Audi Q6 can be expected to clock 185 miles (298 km) before it begs for power.

Ulrich Hackenberg, Head of Audi’s Research and Development wing, has mentioned that the upcoming Audi Q6 electric SUV will take final styling cues from Prologue Concept unveiled last year. Hackenberg added that the Q6 will be more sporty than Q7. The electric crossover will be pitted against Range Rover Sport, BMW X6 and upcoming Mercedes-Benz MLC, while the main target between crosshairs will be the Tesla Model X.

Further, Audi Q8 is also coming to reality, now that the model has been given official production approval. New flagship SUV, Audi Q8 based on second-generation MLB platform, will go on sale in around three years.