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Audi R8 driver crashes while shooting video at 320 kmph

An Audi R8, which on an average is priced over 2.1 million yuan (£250,000), was involved in a crash while the driver and passenger took it to the limits of speed at 321 kmph. The accident took place in Liujiang, China’s Anhui province on January 28, 2017 while footage seems foggy.

The video shows off the Audi R8 travelling across the motorway while the driver can be heard asking the passenger how fast he is going. The male passenger is heard stating the speed limit while the driver accelerates even more. At one point, the car is seen dangerously close to a lorry and another car while seconds later the car crashes leaving both driver and passenger dead.

The two were thrown out off the vehicle while the front of the Audi R8 is a complete wreck. The roof was seen to have caved in and crumpled. Watch the video below.


What makes one doubt the authenticity of this crash is the fact that the video uploaded on YouTube and Liveleak is made from three different clips. There is no continuity in the clips while it is not clear whether the dashboard footage is actually related to the other two clips which show the car in a mangled mess.

The video clip further raises even more doubts of its authenticity as one segment of the Audi R8 has appeared on various Chinese websites while one such clip also goes back to August 2016. It is also the strange fact that the clip contained the final crash that makes one wonder if this was all put together for added effect.

Whatever maybe the case. You should never drive a car in such a manner. You are not only putting your life in danger, but also that of others on the road.

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