Autostadt at Volkswagen theme park: Car city delivers about 600 VW vehicles each day ( Images)

Autostadt housed at the Volkswagen theme park is an epitome of architecture, and engineering. Referring to ‘car city,’ the 200ft tall 20 storey buildings are your ultimate car showrooms. Each tower contains 400 brand new Volkswagen vehicles ready for delivery. The glass towers have also served as inspiration for the latest Mission Impossible movie – Ghost Protocol, need we say more. Only difference, this isn’t quite the elaborate parking space in the literal sense and houses new vehicles instead.

The Autostadt serves as the world’s largest vehicle delivery centre with about 600 cars being picked up by buyers each day. While the vehicles are manufactured at the VW plant in Wolfsburg, they reach the car city basement on a conveyor belt. Then, they are shifted into the buildings with the help of a robotic arm that rotates and run along a central beam at the speed of two metres a second. There’s an underground tunnel that connects both buildings, and cars are rolled along an internal track to a designated spot where they’re fitted with license plates.

New VW owners have the novelty of watching their vehicle picked up from a bay and delivered to them. Cars leaving the Autostadt Customer Center have a speedometer reading zero because your car hasn’t been driven. In 2011, 175,893 new cars were delivered from car city.

A Volkswagen spokesman had this to say. “Taking possession of a new car is a special event and each customer is made to feel like a king. Each handover includes professional advice from a personal consultant. It is no surprise the CustomerCenter is one of the main attractions for people visiting the Autostadt. This automotive theme park attracts people who have a passion for cars as well as those who enjoy culture and unique kinds (of) events. Instead of focusing on vehicle production, the presentations highlight the many different aspects of human mobility.”