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Bajaj Avenger aftermarket exhaust – For those who like Royal Enfield thump

Bajaj Avenger aftermarket exhaust

The Bajaj Avenger has been a popular choice of motorcycle for touring enthusiasts in the price sensitive side of the market. Designing after market accessories and custom parts for the pocket-friendly cruiser sounds like a lucrative opportunity but for some reason the little Bajaj has been overlooked by specialists in this field.

If you are Bajaj Avenger owner who is looking to customize your steed, chances are you would be forced to make do with parts that are originally designed for a Royal Enfield motorcycle. This means making irreversible operations on your motorcycle to fit the new parts like cutting the exhaust downtube to weld a new one. All these days, Bajaj Avenger owners had only option to cut and weld an after market exhaust which may void the warranty. But here is a full system (including the header and muffler) the stock exhaust need not be damaged or cut or welded.

This is where Barrel Exhaust comes into picture. As the name implies, the outfit specializes in making custom exhausts for Indian motorcycles and it has come up with a comprehensive custom exhaust system for the Bajaj Avenger. Called the ‘Assault’, the custom exhaust system is a plug and play unit which doesn’t require any cutting or welding on the stock motorcycle.

The whole package contains header, header sleeve, nuts, bolts, muffler, and clamps with center stand support. The exhaust canister is available in two color options. If you have an Avenger Street, then the powder coated black unit would go well. However, the bend pipe is available only in Chrome. Barrel Exhaust employs laser cutting and CNC machining to achieve high quality and aesthetically pleasing component.

The video gives us a good idea of how the Avenger 220 sounds with the Assault custom exhaust system. The company says that it has attempted to achieve an exhaust note which is loud enough to be heard but not too sharp or brash. We think the modified Avenger 220 sounds sportier than the stock model. The exhaust system is compatible with both the 180 and 220 models.

Given that the newly introduced 160 cc variant also uses same exhaust system as the other variants, we think the Barrel Exhaust unit is compatible with it as well. The Barrel Exhaust’s Assault custom muffler for the Bajaj Avenger is priced at INR 5,999 (includes Header / Muffler / DB Killer / Clamps). The company’s website says that the team would need at least 20 days for delivery.

The exhaust comes with pre-installed DB killer. As per the makers, sound of that is low, and should be in the legal sound limit. In case the owner wants, the DB killer can be removed, for highways.

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