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Bajaj files police case against Facebook users who shared this KTM 390 photo

The internet meme in the image above, was first uploaded on https://www.facebook.com/thebackbenchersofficial and https://www.facebook.com/Tysonfanz as per the police complaint filed by Bajaj Auto at Nigdi Police Station. The official complaint is against four individuals – Anil Kumar (admin at FB Page TheBackBenchers), Surash Omana (admin at FB Page Actor Rahul), Adarsh and one unknown person. Together, the two FB pages have an audience of over 18 lakh on Facebook.

In their complaint, Bajaj Auto mentions that they were made aware of the said infographic via their dealers and customers, as it was going viral in the biker community on Facebook. Some were sharing it as a joke, while some were sharing to malign the brand. Sadly the end result was some consumers and would be buyers of the product believed the fake infographic to be true.

The copy of complaint filed by Bajaj Auto was shared on KTM India’s official Facebook page today.

Bajaj adds in their complaint that the all their motorcycles, including the KTM RC 390 adhere to the highest safety standards. Not only these are premium offerings, but are leaders in their segment. KTM has helped Bajaj to gain global recognition. Sharing such defamatory, baseless and highly maligning post is an attempt to destroy their brand image and reputation in front of their buyers, says Bajaj.

In their complaint, they have requested the Police to ban the Facebook pages and accounts who have shared the photo immediate. Also to register crime defamation, spreading miscommunication, intentional mischief, and under other relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act.

Below are some responses to the KTM RC 390 fake infographic on Facebook

– This news may be true because 50% of the RC200 n RC390 are owned by SQUIDS here in Pune who rides wid Chappals n Chaddi Baniyans On i.e, widout any gear!! I wonder how they are able to buy such expensive bikes??!!

– Guys, please understand that it’s a joke on the large number of squids who ride it! All of you taking offence or taking it seriously or asking for credible sources are just being trolled.

– Its there mistake ! Don’t have driving sense , then they have to pay for it !

– It takes one minute to make a fake meme like this what bullshit but bigger Bullshit is posting it

– Well money can’t fetch brain !! N we can’t force anyone to wear riding gears. ..those people riding half naked r shameless so let it be mahn, take ur beast out n just enjoy riding!

– You have just shared a piece of information on social networking without checking out the facts thus in the process spreading a rumor and overall dumbing down of humanity

– The problem is that the RC 390 is ‘too affordable’, allowing a lot of n00bs to easily buy one. They’re giving the others a bad name.

– I don’t understand why KTM owners are so offended by it. Are they reluctant to admit that KTMs are involved in way too many accidents and crashes off late? I’m sure this is what spawned that post.

– i have witnessed people crashing on splendor as well….why isnt there any criticism against hero….do i smell jealousy…i am a proud owner of a duke 390 and many of my friends do own RC 390 and we are “ALIVE”

– I was a proud owner of a D200 for over two years, FYI. Riding a KTM needs skills. I’m sure you have them and I’m happy for you. But you can never deny the fact that it’s way too affordable and reaches the hands of novice riders (especially high school kids) very easily. And the fact that the numerous deaths and crashes in the recent past have involved KTM bikes, stands testimony.

– I don’t know if the people who are bashing KTM on social media now are actually jealous. All I’m worried about is the defamation of such a legendary brand name due to the lack of control and skills of n00bs.

Few owners and KTM fans replied to the fake meme in the same style:



Both Facebook pages, which are mentioned in the complaint, have tendered an apology.

On behalf of ‘The Back Benchers’ we hereby apologize to KTM – Ready to Race India for spreading baseless and misleading…

Posted by The BACK Benchers on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On behalf of Actor Rahul Page we hereby apologize to KTM India for spreading baseless and misleading news about KTM…

Posted by Actor Rahul on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comments and infographic source – RCReiters, The Super Bikers League, and HeartBrokenBiker

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