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Bajaj Platina ABS 110cc Launch Price 72k – First In Segment

Bajaj Platina 110 ABS will ensure better safety for riders, who often have to deal with panic braking situations

Bajaj Platina ABS 110cc
Bajaj Platina ABS 110cc

Continuing on its mission to improve overall user experience, Bajaj has launched Platina 110 ABS. It is India’s first motorcycle in 100-110cc segment to offer the safety net of ABS. The bike also gets a digital speedometer that shows a broader range of information including ABS indicator.

Even with first-in-segment ABS features and other updates, Bajaj has ensured that Platina 110 does not compromise on the affordability factor. Platina 110 ABS is available at a starting price of Rs 72,224 (ex-showroom Delhi). This is around the same as 100cc Splendor Plus, the largest selling motorcycle in the country.

Bajaj Platina 110 ABS

Riding on two wheels can never be 100% safe. But at least new features can reduce some of the risks that riders face on an everyday basis. Platina 110 ABS does just that by providing the right equipment to effectively deal with panic braking situations.

Based on consumer feedback, it was noted that one of the key challenges two-wheeler users face is panic braking. Such situations can arise due to various factors such as stray animals, rash driving, bad patches on the roads, potholes, wrong side driving, etc.

Bajaj Platina ABS 110cc
Bajaj Platina ABS 110cc

ABS helps, as it significantly improves balance, handling and stability in such challenging situations. ABS also reduces braking distance, which helps avoid direct collisions. With ABS, users can avoid skidding and crashing, which can result in serious bruising and other injuries. ABS becomes all the more important here, as India accounts for the world’s highest road deaths. Among them, around 45% of the accidents involve two-wheelers.

Apart from improved braking, Platina 110 ABS is equipped with a new digital speedometer. It displays a range of information including ABS indicator, gear indicator and gear guidance. Platina 110 ABS has longer front and rear suspension that helps avoid jerks and vibrations.

The bike has a long, wide and well-padded seat for optimal comfort of both rider and pillion. Platina 110 ABS has state-of-the-art headlight with integrated DRL, which ensures clear visibility to the rider. Three colours are on offer – Ebony Black, Cocktail Wine Red, and Saffire Blue.

Will other commuter bikes get ABS?

Segment-first features are always welcome and even more so when they are meant to prevent injuries and save lives. In various tests, ABS has demonstrated its capabilities to prevent accidents. As ABS offers clear, scientifically verifiable benefits, it raises the question as to why it should not be made mandatory for all two wheelers. If helmets can be made mandatory, why not ABS?

Increased cost is apparently the primary resistance, but if Bajaj can do it why not others. Lakhs of 100-110cc bikes are sold annually, which demonstrates the significant number of users that stand to gain with ABS. Even if there is no regulatory intervention, it is possible that market forces may prompt other OEMs to introduce ABS with their commuter bikes. People who care about their safety and their loved ones will naturally prefer bikes that offer enhanced safety.

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