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Bajaj Pulsar 150 modified to deliver 18 hp and 16.5 Nm

Beast Motors (an unregistered start up) has introduced a modified Bajaj Pulsar 150 exclusively for customers in India. Besides giving the bike several customized parts, the design firm has also enhanced performance of its engine, something not many have done.

Shubham Pramod Banginwar, is founder of Beast Motors. He is an avid biker and has many re-engineered bikes under his belt of which the new Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of these. Christened ‘B3.1’ by Beast Motors, this particular custom Bajaj Pulsar 150 is done in collaboration with R K Custom.

“B3.1” by Beast Motors has also been legally registered with the RTO along with all the modifications. These modifications include twin front LED lights with round headlamp for better night time vision, wider tyres and added cushioning on seats for better rider and passenger comfort. Overall weight of the bike is reduced to 136 kgs allowing for better performance while a new custom windshield, custom cage under front seat and red accents on tank shrouds are also a part of the modifications.

Where engine changes are concerned, the 168cc engine now offers 18 bhp peak power and 16.5 Nm torque. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is possible in under 7.5 seconds while top speed stands at 132 kmph. Use of iridium spark plugs ensures better performance due to free flow air filters while a modified exhaust also allows for more engine efficiency. Below are the updates / changes –


Engine rebuild and retuned to deliver more torque, power and mileage. Acceleration too is improved. Valves, valveseat, sparkplus material changed to irredium alloy. Bore high quality chrome plated, Front suspension spring heat treated, Gear changer spring heat treated. Below are more photos of the bike. It is priced at INR 98,000 on road.

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