Bajaj V20 and V40 in the making?

The Bajaj V15 has managed to make inroads in the executive commuter motorcycle despite being on the costly side, thanks in no small measure to its connection with the INS Vikrant battleship.

The positive response for the motorcycle which uses a bit of metal salvaged from the Indo-Pak war era aircraft carrier has given Bajaj enough confidence to spawn more derivates based on the V platform.

There are at least two more V models in the pipeline.

The next logical step after the 150 cc V15 is a 200 cc V20 and even a 400 cc V40. Bajaj has the engines at its disposal already and this reduces development cost and lead time while enhancing the economies of scale. In a recent media interview, Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto, has confirmed that the next V executive commuter will be launched in November this year. He said he would then leave a gap of six months before fielding the third one.

However, the top official was not specific about the displacements of the upcoming V offerings. Bajaj would continue to use a small amount of metal derived from the INS Vikrant on the new V models’ fuel tanks. This emotional appeal is the series’ USP.

The second V derivative will be launched in November, says Mr. Bajaj.

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Mr. Bajaj is confident that the V series has a volume potential that would drive growth at least for the next 2 years, increasing the brand’s market share in the executive commuter space in the process.


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