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Banned Diesel, Petrol Car Owners In Delhi NCR Get New Opportunity

Old Diesel Cars Ban
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Older diesel and petrol cars are not allowed on NCR roads – Automatic de-registration will render them as scrap

It’s been a long time coming, and now the public order is more real than ever. In the meantime, Haryana Police had undertaken initiatives revolving around awareness drives for the eventuality of banning specified vehicles from NCR roads. The proposal evolved around banning diesel vehicles registered for more than 10 years, and petrol vehicles older than 15 years.

The order proposal has been on the table for a few years now with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) laying the groundwork in 2015. After being tabled a couple of times, final orders have now been pronounced, loud and clear.

A precursor to the government circle this month was a long route chance that those with 10 year old diesel vehicle could undertake. However, the do gooder suggestion is yet to be a proven practicality.

Such vehicle owners could always choose to convert vehicles to electric models by retrofitting them. Though the choice exists, it’s a tall ask to convert an older model. When there are capable new electric cars in the market, why would someone spend on a vehicle that’s certified old.

Old Cars Ban Notice
Image – Sonu Pujari / HVK Forum

Shift vehicle registration from NCR

As the vehicles are banned from plying on NCR streets, they would be de-registered. That doesn’t mean vehicle that fit the bill can’t be registered elsewhere. Owners are advised to shift vehicle registration outside of NCR through sale or transfer.

Forced automatic de-registration is the order of the day, and to avoid the situation aforementioned solutions are the only option. Once vehicles are given de-registration status on e-parivahan portal, sales/transfer is impossible, and they’re automatically classified as scrap.

Vehicle owners who find themselves with such a vehicle are being given a 3 month period to take care of their business, This must be concluded between December 3, 2021 – March 3, 2022. Under no circumstance will such vehicles be allowed to ply on NCR. If such an offence is committed, the vehicle will be impounded by designated checking teams.

Delhi scrappage policy

NCR dwellers find themselves in a bit of a pickle on this front. There have been other rulings wherein a vehicle that is older than specified periods can still be re-registered provided they attain a proper fitness certificate.

However, in NCR this opportunity doesn’t exist as vehicles are to be automatically devoid of registration. This will also automatically boost Delhi Scrappage policy that’s been in effect since 2018. Stopping older vehicles from plying on roads is one of many newly drafted policies in the last decade to combat dangerous pollution levels.

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