Basecamp Caravans in India for a price of Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs.22 lakhs

Basecamp is an Indian adventure travel accessory company who has recently turned their attention to Caravans. Two models are being imported into the country for a start. Hymer Sporting Style 465 is priced at Rs.22 lakhs while a smaller version Dethleffs Newline 410k is priced at Rs.16 lakhs. Both these come with an additional 40% import duty over their price tag. Hymer and Dethleffs are two caravan manufacturers in Europe which whom Basecamp has tied up with for bringing these vehicles into the country.

Caravanning is an age old sport abroad ever since 1920s however the same is relatively new in a country like India and hence Basecamp have entered into this arena to import caravans for sale in the country. Deliveries are promised within 45 to 90 days from date of order.

The caravans are seen with all trimmings of a motorhome and include beds, baths, cooking ranges, fridges, dining areas and shelves for storage while air conditioning, television, etc are also available. Hymer Sporting Style 465 is larger than the Dethleffs Newline 410k and comes with a double bed while the later has only enough space for a bunk bed or two. Washroom in the Hymer is also more spacious than that seen on the Dethleffs. These caravans are powered by a 220V socket or a portable generator which can be occupied in the caravan’s hold for easy charging. To make travel and parking easier within the country, Basecamp has entered into an agreement with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited so as to provide easy parking facility and other benefits to caravan users in India.

India auto news release: Basecamp launches first ever Caravans in India

Brings superlative amenities packed in an auto home for the adventurous Indian traveler

Basecamp brings to India an ultimate travel experience with the first ever auto homes in India, the Caravans. With this launch, Basecamp, a house to some of the best-known international brands for travel, takes adventure to a new level. Available in two variants HYMER Sporting Style 465 and Dethleffs Newline 410tk, the caravans would cater to all the travel needs of discerning Indian travelers.

HYMER ranks among the most innovative, most successful caravan and motorhome manufacturers in Europe today and is a company steeped in tradition. Besides focusing on an attractive design and a comfortable interior, HYMER concentrates particularly on fulfilling customers’ desire for top quality, innovative technology and optimal safety.

Established in 1931, the German company Dethleffs has grown to become one of the largest caravan providers in Europe

Basecamp has collaborated with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) as their strategic partner. The philosophy behind this partnership is to facilitate parking and other travel utilities to caravan owners on the highways whilst travelling pan India.

Speaking on the launch Anish Goel, Managing Director, Basecamp said, “We are extremely delighted to introduce Caravans to the Indian market and are excited about our offering which would bring a sea change in the way people travel. Caravans can provide the means for people to have their own home on a journey or a vacation, without relying on a motel or hotel, and enable them to a comfortable stay in places that lack basic amenities. Basecamp was started with a vision to make it a one stop shop for all the travel and adventure related products and launching the caravan is the next step to further strengthen our vision.”

Sharing views on the Government policy regarding Caravans, Mr. Goel added, “The Ministry of Tourism has a policy for the caravans, according to which, Caravan Tourism can effectively meet the growing demand while ensuring adherence to quality, standards and safety norms. Caravan Tourism would attract a wide set of consumers including young people, families, senior citizens and international tourists who are avid travelers.”

The Caravan tourism policy is aimed to promote, facilitate and incentivise development of

Caravan Parks in the public sector, private sector and Public-Private Partnership(PPP) mode
Caravans in the public sector, private sector and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode

Price and availability:

HYMER Sporting 465 – Rs. 22 lakh + taxes
Dethleffs New Line 410TK – Rs. 16 lakh + taxes

The caravans would be delivered between 45 – 90 days from the time of order.