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Benelli Parent Firm Patents New 250cc And 350cc Sports Bike

New 350cc From Benelli Parent
New 350cc From Benelli Parent

Benelli had earlier announced that it will be launching seven new models in India in 2021 out of which three have already been introduced

The partnership between Italian brand Benelli and Chinese automaker Qianjiang Motor has turned out to be a fruitful one. Since Qianjian has taken over Benelli’s operation, the latter has come out with a wide range of products which are mostly rebadged QJMotor models.

Since QJMotor’s operations are limited to China, the company sells most of its premium bikes as rebranded Benelli models since the latter has a strong base in international markets. The Chinese counterpart has yet again patented a new model which it might be willing to ship to overseas markets.


This new motorcycle is a 350cc supersport motorcycle with a typical faired design. In terms of looks, it features twin-beam LED headlights and a fully faired body. The bike sports contrasting body panels that extend from its rear edges of the headlights to divide the fairing into distinct upper and lower sections. This gives it a hint of resemblance to the final generation Triumph Daytona 675. However, unlike most Chinese auto manufacturers, this one isn’t a completely ripped-off design.

All lighting seems to be LED units. The bike will be offered in two variants- the lower spec with a single front disc brake and the higher-spec trim with twin rotors at front. For a fully faired 350cc motorcycle, it weighs a manageable 179 kilos. Other notable highlights include a clip-on handlebar, split-style seats and front fairing-mounted rearview mirrors which give an impression of horns.

New 250cc From Benelli Parent
New 250cc From Benelli Parent


Powering this motorcycle will be a new 353cc twin-cylinder motor which can push out around 36 horses. Suspension duties will be handled by inverted telescopic forks at front and a mono-shock at rear. Will this motorcycle be rebranded as a Benelli in international markets is still a debatable question since Benelli has its own 302R.

The latter recently got updated in China and the latest iteration is supposed to head towards India in the coming few weeks. It is a question if there is enough space for both QJ 353cc bike and the 302R under Benelli’s lineup.

Quarter-litre Faired Sportsbike

The 353cc motorcycle is not the only faired bike recently patented by Qianjiang. There is also another new sports bike that is powered by a 249cc single-cylinder motor. This engine can churn out 27.5 bhp and could weigh only 159kg. This model will also be available in two derivatives. The base trim will be based on a tubular steel frame with a double-sided swingarm whereas the higher-spec model will feature an aluminium single-sider.

The more premium one will get a fully-floating front disc brake while the cheaper alternative will have to make do with a semi-floater. There will also be differences in the wheels of the two trims. None of the models mentioned above are likely to land on Indian shores anytime soon.


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