Bentley Mulsanne to be packed with entertainment features

Bentley has just announced that their new Bentley Mulsanne flagship will see the addition of a number of highly luxurious features which are sure to propel the car to instant fame. Bentley offers customers who want to turn the passenger seats of their car into a fully fledged office catering to a business and multimedia center all at the touch of a button.

Bentley has suggested that buyers will see a Theater and iPad specific multimedia package in the new Mulsanne cabin. This has taken over 170 hours of work to create. The theater facilities will benefit all passengers in the new Mulsanne as they can now view the latest in DVD movies, TV programs and even music though a 15.6 inch High Definition LED screen which is strategically placed to ensure easy viewing. Individual headrests in passenger seats are equipped with its own 8 inch screens besides facilities for passengers to listen to music through Bluetooth headphones.

Besides such entertainment features, businessmen and passengers can also conduct their business while in the passenger seat of the new Bentley Mulsanne as its High Definition LRC screen can also double up as an Apple Mac computer. Twin USB ports are situated in the centre console and offer facilities such as uploading films, data and other official documents which can be used while on route and then taken to office at the end of the journey.

Adding to the list of luxuries and conveniences, Bentley has also ensured that the Mulsanne is fitted with a bottle cooler with capacity for two full sized Champagne bottles. The touch of a button will also get you two or three beautifully designed crystal champagne glasses, picnic tables appear for passengers and this can also double up as a writing table for the more serious workers who cannot separate work from pleasure. A specially designed fountain pen from Tibaldi Bentley special edition 24 carat is also apparent and rests in the center dock of its center arm rest and at a convenient location for easy access.

All these facilities provide passengers with either a make shift office or an ideal setting to unwind in style and enjoy a quiet glass of champagne while watching romantic movies, listening to soft music and generally winding down after a hard day’s work in the office. Conversely, hard core executives can get on with browsing the internet, check mail, and work on files and documents while taking a part of the office to your car and thereby ensuring that any extra office work is finished before you reach home. Thus the new Bentley Mulsanne is capable of bringing together business connectivity and high end entertainment, luxury and pleasure all at the touch of a button.

In keeping with these luxurious offerings Bentley Mulsanne is a picture of class and comfort both in its interior design and outwardly appearance. Its wheels are of 21” multi spoke each cut from aluminum billet weighing 85 kgs. After being cut each wheel is further designed to create a light wheel each weighing 13.4 kgs individually immersed in small ceramic pebbles so as to give it a smooth and mirror finish in keeping with the various other high end glossy features visible on the Mulsanne.