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Biker Falls As Electric Motorcycle Splits In Half – CCTV Captures

Biker Falls As Electric Motorcycle Splits In Half
Biker Falls As Electric Motorcycle Splits In Half

The failure seems to have happened in the triple-tree of said electric motorcycle that split in half

India is the biggest market in the world for motorcycles and scooters. But two wheeler safety is often neglected. In a recent incident, a motorcycle breakage led to a near-death experience for its rider. This incident happened in Mancherial, Telangana State.

An electric motorcycle splits in half while on the go. Fortunately, the rider is safe and sustained minor injuries only. There is no external factor in the play here, like a pothole or any road abnormalities. Reason for this breakdown seems like a manufacturing defect.

Electric motorcycle splits in half – Rider safe

ABP Desam reported this incident recently with the help of CCTV footage provided by Laxmaiah Trust. Major factor for incidents like this is manufacturing defects. In many cases, these are due to bad quality control that leads to improper fitment and welding. Repeated stress and strain on motorcycle components could lead to material fatigue. Environmental factors like moisture, temperature, proximity to sea, and salinity of air, play crucial roles as well.

Looking at the CCTV footage, the main failure seems to have happened at the front. Primarily at this motorcycle’s triple tree. This is where a motorcycle’s steering mechanism, handlebar and front suspension forks align. If this triple tree is of low quality or defective, it could lead to a failure. This, in turn, could lead to a fatal and unfavourable incident with potential for casualties too.

What to do to keep the bike up-to-date?

Regular look-up for one’s machine is very important. Rider has to be aware of his machine. If there are abnormal noises, if something looks visibly different, if there is something that is out of the ordinary, they have to take immediate action. Routine checkups are a must. Also, stressing a motorcycle with jumps, drops and other unwanted activities could add up in the long run which could lead to a part failure.

Overloading than specified by the brand, is not advisable as well. If there is a crash or a drop or any other serious damage, replacing damaged components is paramount. Or else, critical parts of a motorcycle could underperform or in the worst-case scenario, break. A motorcycle is a collection of various parts. If there is damage to one part, it will spread to related parts too.

Always replace parts as per manufacturer’s instructions for optimum performance. Stretching the period could lead to unfavourable incidents. Keeping a checklist to keep all the components up-to-date, is recommended. If we follow the manufacturer’s instructions, we can increase the longevity of said vehicle.

Another point to be noted here – As seen in the CCTV footage, the rider didn’t wear any sort of protective gear including a helmet. Not only is this against the law, but riders without a helmet seem to be betting their lives.

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